The attention of all interested in the subject of Education is invited to these Works, now in extensive use throughout the Kingdom, prepared by Mr. George Darnell, a Schoolmaster of many years' experience.

1. Copy Books - A short and certain road to a Good Handwriting, gradually advancing from the Simple Stroke to a superior Small-hand.

Large Post, Sixteen Numbers, 6d. each.

Foolscap, Twenty Numbers, to which are added Three Supplementary

Numbers of Angular Writing for Ladies, and One of Ornamental Hands.

Price 3d. each.

*** This series may also be had on very superior paper, marble covers, 4d. each.

"For teaching writing I would recommend the use of Darnell's Copy Books. I have noticed a marked improvement wherever they have been used." - Report of Mr. Maye {National Society's Organizer of Schools) to the Worcester Diocesan Board of Education.

2. Grammar, made intelligible to Children, price 1s. cloth.

3. Arithmetic, made intelligible to Children, price 1s. 6d. cloth.

*** Key to Parts 2 and 3, price 1s. cloth.

4. Reading, a Short and Certain Road to, price 6d. cloth.

Wertheimer, Lea And Co., Circus Place, Finsbury Circus.