Les Jeunes Narrateurs

Ou Petits Contes Moraux. With a Key to the difficult words and phrases. Frontispiece. Second Edition. 18mo, 2s. cloth. "Written in pure and easy French." - Morning Post.

The Pictorial French Grammar

For the Use of Children. With Eighty Illustrations. Royal 16mo., price 1s. sewed; 1s. 6d. cloth.

Le Babillard

An Amusing Introduction to the French Language. By a French Lady. Seventh Edition. With 16 Illustrations. 2s. cloth.

Der Schwatzer

Or, the Prattler. An amusing Introduction to the German Language, on the Plan of "Le Babillard." 16 Illustrations. 16mo, price 2s. cloth.

Battle Fields

A graphic Guide to the Places described in the History of England as the scenes of such Events; with the situation of the principal Naval Engagements fought on the Coast of the British Empire. By Mr. Wauthier, Geographer. On a large sheet 3s. 6c?.; or on a roller, and varnished, 7s. 6d.

Tabular Views of the Geography and Sacred History of PALESTINE, and of the TRAVELS of ST. PAUL. Intended for Pupil Teachers, and others engaged in Class Teaching. By A. T. White. Oblong 8vo, price 1s., sewed.

The First Book Of Geography

Specially adapted as a Text Book for Beginners, and as a Guide to the

Young Teacher. By Hugo Reid, author of "Elements of Astronomy," etc. Fourth Edition, carefully revised. 18mo, 1s. sewed.

"One of the most sensible little books on the subject of Geography we have met with." - Educational Times.

The Child's Grammar,

By the late Lady Fenn, under the assumed name of Mrs. Lovechild. Fiftieth Edition. 18mo, 9d. cloth.

The Prince Of Wales' Primer

With 300 Illustrations by J. Gilbert. Price 6d., or 1s. Illuminated cover, gilt edges.

Durable Nursery Books

Mounted On Cloth With Coloured Plates, One Shilling Each.

1 Alphabet of Goody Two-Shoes.

2 Cinderella.

3 Cock Robin.

4 Courtship of Jenny Wren.

5 Dame Trot and her Cat.

6 History of an Apple Pie.

7 House that Jack built.

8 Little Rhymes for Little Folks.

9 Mother Hubbard.

10 Monkey's Frolic.

11 Old Woman and her Pig.

12 Puss in Boots.

13 Tommy Trip's Museum of Birds.

By Thomas Darnell.

Parsing Simplified:

An Introduction and Companion to all Grammars; consisting of Short and Easy Rules (with Parsing Lessons to each) whereby young Students may, in a short time, be gradually led through a knowledge of the several Elementary Parts of Speech to a thorough comprehension of the grammatical construction of the most complex sentences of our ordinary Authors, either in Prose or Poetry, by Thomas Darnell. Price 1s. cloth.

"Sound in principle, singularly felicitous in example and illustration, and though brief, thoroughly exhaustive of the subject. The boy who will not learn to parse on Mr. Darnells plan is not likely to do so on any other. - Morning Post.