Friends: How feeble are words to carry consolation to hearts bereaved of a loved daughter in the household. A tender, clinging vine, interwoven in sweet memories from the hour the angel first gave her to our home; a gentle spirit of light that flitted in and out like a gleam of sunshine. No one can fill her place in the vacant chair; no one will take her place in our hearts. And we would not have the void filled, even if we could. It will be a sacred thought in all the years to come, to parents and friends, that she shed radiance in the home as long as she did. It will be a blessed recollection that she grew up to love and be loved by those who will ever cherish her memory so tenderly.

It is in such an hour as this that hope spreads her pinion, and we rest our faith on the belief that our darling is not dead. She is only gone from us for a little while. Out among the angels she is a star, and her loving ways and bright eyes are just as beautiful as they were here. We lower the corse into the tomb, but not our darling Minnie. We strew with flowers and wet with our tears only the frail casement in which she lived. Over the river she has gone only a little in advance of us. Some one must go first. Perhaps in the ways of a kind Providence it is best that it should be she who is to welcome us on the other shore.

When falls the night upon the earth,

And all in shadow lies, The sun's not dead; his radiance still

Beams bright on other skies.

And when the dawn-star groweth dim

Upon the brow of morn, It still shines on, though earthly eyes,

That miss it, grow forlorn.

Some other world is glad to see

Our star that's gone away; The light whose going makes our night

Makes somewhere else a day.

And she is just our loved one still,

And loves us now no less; She goes away to come again, -

To watch us, and to bless.

Grace For A Morning Repast

Our Heavenly Father, we returns thanks for Thy bountiful goodness that has brought us to the beginning of this day in life and health. We thank Thee for this evidence of Thy continued favor, and, bowing in gratitude to Thee, our generous Benefactor, desire Thy blessing upon this food. Amen.

Grace For Noon Repast

Supreme Power: Creator of all things, wilt Thou be pleased to bless this food to our use? May we be so guided by Thy guardian care, that all we undertake and do shall be prospered? Go with us, and watch over us for the remainder of this day, and for the good we may accomplish, and the happiness we shall enjoy, Thine shall be the glory. Amen.

Grace At An Evening Repast

Our Father, who art in heaven, and art ever mindful of our needs, at the close of this day's labor we gather around this board, which Thy bounty has so graciously supplied with nourishing refreshment, and return our grateful thanks. And we beseech Thee that what Thou hast so freely provided may be blessed to our use and Thy glory. Amen.