Battle of James Island, S. C. - Fought near Charleston, June 16, 1862, between Unionists, under General Stevens, and Confederates, the former being defeated with a loss of 85 killed, 172 wounded, and 128 missing.

Battle at Saint Charles, Ark. - Fought June 17, 1862, between Unionists, under Colonel Fitch, and a Confederate battery, which was destroyed. An explosion in a Union gunboat killed 125.

Battles Before Richmond - June 26. 1862. McClellan's Union army of 103,000 was gathered on the Chickahominy, confronted by about 100.000 Confederates, under Robert E. Lee. Richmond, the Confederate capital, was in no condition to withstand a siege. Lee, therefore, decided to attack McClellan and raise the siege. He, therefore, divided his army and posted it at several points. The contest opened at Mechanicsville, where the Confederates attacked McClellan's right wing. In this action 6,000 Unionists contended with 12,000 Confederates. The latter were repelled, and fell back, having lost 1,500 men, while the Union loss was barely 300, owing to their sheltered position. On the 27th the battle of Cold Harbor was fought with great severity, between about 56,000 Confederates and 33,000 Unionists. During this day's fight the Confederates lost 9,500 in killed and wounded, and the Unionists 4,000 killed and wounded, 2,000 prisoners, and 22cannon. During one skirmish the Confederates lost 200 out of 650 men. The victory at the close of the day was apparently with Lee, although he had suffered double the losses that he had inflicted, and his position was perilous. June 29, a series of engagements occurred at Savage's Station, McClellan having fallen back from his advantageous position. At Peach Orchard the Confederates attacked the Unionists, but were repulsed. Later in the day they renewed the attack at Savage's Station, which lasted until nine o'clock in the evening. The Union loss was about 600; that of the Confederates about 400. The Union wounded and sick (2,500) fell into the hands of the Confederates. June 30, McClellan continued his retreat to the James river. On this day was fought the battle of Frazier's Farm, between the Union divisions of McCall, Hooker, and Kearney, and the Confederates under A. P. Hill and Longstreet. The attempt to break the Union line failed. The Unionists lost about 300 killed, and 1,500 wounded; the Confederates, 325 killed and 1,700 wounded. The battle of Malvern Hill was fought July 1, 1862. McClellan had about 90,000 men: Lee only about 60,000 with which to attack McClellan's position. McClellan's artillery and musketry, well-placed, served to repel the Confederates' repeated charges upon his lines. The attacking party was not more than 28,000 strong. At dark the contest ceased, the Confederates having been repulsed at every point. The Union loss, that day, was about 375 killed and 1,800 wounded; the Confederate loss, 900 killed and 3,500 wounded. During the engagements from June 26 to July 1, it is estimated that the Unionists lost 1,582 killed, 7,709 wounded, and 5,958 missing; while the Confederates lost 3,150 killed, 15,255 wounded, and about 1,000 prisoners.

Skirmish at Bayou Cache, Ark. -

Fought July 7, 1862, between a portion of General Curtis' Union army and the Confederates under General Rust, the latter being defeated, with 110 killed. Curtis lost but 8 killed and 45 wounded.

Skirmish at Jasper, Ala. - Fought July 7, 1862. between Unionists and Confederates, the former being worsted.

Capture of Hamilton, N. C. - July 9, 1862, Hamilton was captured by the Unionists.

Battle of Murfreesboro, Tenn. - Fought July 13, 1862, between a small force of Unionists, by whom it had been previously occupied, and a body of Confederates, under Forrest, a Michigan regiment being taken prisoners, and $30,000 worth of commissary stores were captured.

Capture of Kentucky Towns - July 11, 1862, the Confederate, General Morgan, raided Lebanon, Ky., burned part of the town and despoiled the bank. July 17, he captured Cynthi-ana, Ky., and burned several railroad bridges.

A Raid in Indiana - July 18, 1862, a band of Confederates raided Newburgh, Ind., destroyed some hospital stores, captured 250 stand of arms, and retreated across the Ohio.

Skirmish at Memphis, Tenn. - Fought July 19, 1862, between Unionists and Confederates, the former losing 6 killed and 32 wounded.

Bombardment of Vicksburg, Miss. -

In June, 1862, the Union fleets of gunboats, respectively commanded by Commodore Farragut, from below, and Commanders Davis and Ellet, from above, met at Vicksburg, which was then strongly fortified and occupied by a Confederate force estimated at 10,000, and from time to time bombarded the city without any definite results. July 14, 1862, the commanders made a general attack upon the fortifications and heavily bombarded them for two hours. The upper batteries were silenced, and the city was set on fire in several places. Farragut's fleet passed the batteries and steamed down the river. The Confederates were not dislodged. On the 22d of July, the siege was abandoned.

Battle at Moore's Hill, Mo. - Fought between Confederates and Unionists, July 28, 1862, the former being defeated. The Unionists lost 10 killed and 30 wounded.

Capture of Orange Court House, Va.

- August 1, 1862, Union cavalry, under General Crawford, after a short skirmish, drove out 2 regiments of Confederates, killing 11, and taking over 50 prisoners.

Skirmish Near Memphis, Tenn. - Fought August 3, 1862, between a Confederate force, under General Jeff. Thompson, and Union troops, in which Thompson was defeated.

A Naval Fight - Fought August 4, 1862, between 3 Union gunboats, under Commodore Porter, and the monster ram Arkansas, belonging to the Confederates. They met above Baton Rouge, on the Mississippi river, and on being attacked with incendiary shells the Arkansas was set on fire and destroyed.

Battle at Baton Rouge, La. - Fought August 5, 1862, between Confederates, under General Breckinridge, and a small force of Unionists, under General Williams. Confederate and Union gunboats were also engaged. Under a sharp shelling by the Union boats the Confederates were repulsed. The Unionists lost 56 killed, including General Williams, and 175 wounded and missing.