The Evacuation of Maryland and Harper's Ferry - On the 18th of September, 1862, the Confederate army of Lee and Jackson withdrew from Maryland to Virginia, after having invaded the first -named State for a fortnight. Harper's Ferry, W. Va., was also evacuated by the Confederates on the same day.

Battle of Iuka, Miss. - General Price, with about 15,000 Confederates, occupied Iuka early in September, 1862. On the 19th of September, Generals Rosecrans and Ord advanced with a force of Unionists to capture this point, and for two hours the contest was severe and bloody. During the following night the Confederates evacuated the town. Their losses included more than 300 buried on the field, and 500 severely wounded, 200 of whom died within a few days. The Union losses were 300 killed and 500 wounded.

Battle of Augusta, Ky. - Fought September 27, 1862, between an attacking force of Confederates and the Union garrison of 120. The latter surrendered with a loss of 9 killed, 15 wounded, and the rest taken prisoners.

Battle of Corinth, Miss. - Fought October 3 and 4, 1862, between 25,000 Unionists, under General Rosecrans, who held the town and its outposts, and more than 35,000 Confederates, under Generals Van Dorn, Price, and Lovell. On the first day, the Unionists outside were driven into the town. The battle was renewed with terrible severity next morning, the Unionists having been reinforced by McPherson, and the Confederates were obliged to retreat, leaving in the hands of their foes 2,248 prisoners, 14 stand of colors, 2 cannon, 3,300 stand of small arms, a large amount of ammunition, etc. The Confederates had 1,423 men and officers killed, and more than 5,000 wounded. The Unionists lost 315 killed, 1,812 wounded, and 232 prisoners and missing.

Battle at Lavergne, Tenn. - Fought October 6, 1862, between a Confederate force and a brigade of Unionists, under General Palmer; the former were repulsed, with a loss to the latter of 5 killed and 13 wounded and missing. The Confederate loss was about 80 killed and wounded.

175 prisoners, 2 cannon, provisions, camp equipage, etc.

Battle of Perryville, Ky. - Fought October 8, 1862, between 15,000 Unionists, under Colonel Daniel McCook, of Buell's army, and four divisions of the Confederate army, under Generals Bragg, Polk, and Hardee. The battle lasted from three o'clock in the morning until after dark that evening, and resulted in a victory for the Unionists. The loss of the latter, besides the killing of Generals Jackson and Terrell, was 466 killed, 1,463 wounded and 160 missing. The Confederate loss is estimated at about the same figures.

Raid on Chambersburg, Pa. - On the

10th of October, 1862, the Confederate general, Stuart, with 2,000 cavalry, made a dash on Chambersburg, seized a considerable amount of clothing designed for McClellan's Union army, destroyed property belonging to the government, burned the railroad depot, captured fresh horses, passed clear around McClellan's army, and escaped without loss.

Battle Near Gallatin, Tenn. - October 19, 1862, the Confederates, under General Forrest, were defeated by a force of Unionists.

Operations In Florida - During the latter part of October, 1862, an expedition of Unionists, under Colonel Beard, of New York, destroyed 9 large salt works on Florida rivers, and brought back 150 good colored recruits for the Northern army.

Battle of Pocotaligo, S. C. - Fought October 22, 1862, between about 5,000 Union soldiers, with three batteries and an engineer corps, under General Brannon, and a force of Confederates. In the struggle of nearly six hours to gain possession of the Charleston and Savannah railroad, the Unionists were repulsed, with the loss of 30 killed and 180 wounded.

Battle of Maysville, Ark. - Fought October 22, 1862, between 10,000 Unionists, under General Blunt, and 7,000 Confederates. After a severe action of an hour's duration, the latter were totally routed, with the loss of all their artillery, a large number of horses, and a part of their garrison equipments.

Battle of Labadie, La. - Fought October 27, 1862, between a party of Confederates and a Union force. The latter won the field, with a loss of 17 killed and 74 wounded.

Fight at Garrettsburg, Ky. - Fought November 11, 1862, between Unionists under General Ransom, and Confederates under General Woodward. The latter were defeated.

Battle of Kinston, N. C. - Fought November 17. 1862, between 6,000 Confederates, under General Evans, and a Union force under General Foster. After a fight of five hours the Confederates were defeated, with the loss of 11 cannon and about 400 prisoners. The Union loss was about 200 killed and wounded. This fight and several other encounters of more or less importance occurred during a ten days' expedition of General Foster from Newbern to Goldsboro, for the pur-

Pose of cutting off railroad communication between Richmond, Va., and Charleston, S. C. He appears to have been successful.

Battle of Cane Hill, Ark. - Fought November 28,1862,between 2,000 Unionists (cavalry and artillery), under Generals Blunt and Heron, and 2 regiments of Confederate cavalry. After a sharp skirmish the latter retreated to Van Buren, leaying their killed and some of their wounded on the field. The Unionists followed them to Van Buren, and completely routed them there, capturing 100 prisoners, 4 steamers, a "large quantity of corn, camp equipage, mules and horses. The Confederates retreated, leaving behind 600 wounded and sick soldiers.

Skirmish near Charleston, Va. - Fought December 2. 1862, between Unionists and Confederates. The latter were defeated, with a loss of 70 killed and wounded and 145 prisoners.

Battle of Prairie Grove, Ark. - Fought December 7. 1862, between about 7,000 Unionists (infantry and artillery), under General Heron, reinforced by about 5,000 more and 24 cannon, under General Blunt, and 28.000 men of Hindman's Confederate army, with 18 cannon, under Marma-duke. Parsons, Frost, and Rains. The Confederates were defeated with a loss of more than 2,000 killed and wounded, and during the succeeding night retreated from the field. The Union army lost 495 killed and 500 wounded, including upward of 40 field and line officers.