"For two years or more past, Mr. Hill has been of opinion that there existed room for another work besides the "Manual," which should be equally popular and useful - and meet a demand as uni -versal as that enjoyed by his first great work. He has devoted a large amount of labor and inventive genius to the accomplishment of his ideal, and we now have it before us in "Hill's Album of BiographY and Art." It is a large quarto volume of 587 pages, printed upon heavy tinted paper, with hundreds of fine portraits, miscellaneous illustrations, unique, artistic and elegant designs. In its preparation he has called to his aid the most modern and refined skill of the type-maker, engraver and typographer, and he has thus, in the "Album," surpassed, in artistic and typographical display, all his former efforts.

"The new work is divided into eighteen departments, as follows: 1st, Religion and its Founders; 2d, Military Chieftains and Famous Battles; 3d, Discoverers and Explorers; 4th, Sketches of Leading Inventors; 5th, History of Financiers; 6th, Sketches of the Scientists; 7th, the Theory of Progression; 8th, Astronomical Science; 9th, Phrenology and Science of Mind; 10th, Humorists and Caricaturists; 11th, Physicians, Lawyers and Sovereigns; 12th, Orators and Statesmen; 13, Actors and Play Writers; 14th, Historians, Novelists, Essayists, etc.; 15th, Poets and Song Writers; 16th, Painters and

Sculptors; 17th, Household Ornamentation; 18th, Beautiful Homes. Under these heads are given very many beautiful engravings of men, incidents and places, with sketches, biographical and pertinent, interspersed with very many things valuable to every person who would be reasonably well informed. We doubt if there is any one volume where so much useful information of the kind is gathered, and certainly there is none where it is put in more methodical form, or presented in a manner so pleasing to the eye and taste."

From the Aurora Blade.

"Every page of Hill's Album is a model of typography and originality, each differing from the other in mechanical construction, and each succeeding leaf a surprise from an artistic standpoint. The question one asks, instinctively, is, how can a man conceive so many elegant designs? The contents of the book, however, are what prove its most forcible recommendation. The name of the author of this valuable work, Hon. Thomas E. Hill, is in itself enough to recommend it to all. Our readers are advised to examine the book carefully when they have the opportunity.

From the Aurora Herald.

" 'Hill's Album oF Biography and Art,' is the name of a new book by Hon. Thos. E. Hill, author of " Hill's Manual of Social and Business Forms." It is gotten up very much after the style of the Manual, but more elaborate and expensive, as nearly every page has some engraving especially for it. The title of the book does not give any adequate idea of the immense amount of information it contains. We suppose it is called an Album because of the many pictures it contains, but in addition thereto it contains short biographical sketches of distinguished men, from the time of Moses and Aaron down to the present. It gives a sketch of Moses, with his portrait, and an outline of his teachings; of Buddha, portrait and doctrines, also the same of Confucius, Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Swedenborg, Andrew Jackson Davis, and Joseph Smith, and an outline of the belief of the different Christian denominations. It also gives sketches and portraits of numerous warriors, inventors, financiers, scientists, actors, humorists, explorers, poets, lawyers, doctors, statesmen, orators, artists, etc., and gives as much about each as most people would care to remember. It is, in short, a complete library in one volume, and must have been the work of years to gather the information and put it in this condensed form. Of the typographical excellence it is unnecessary to speak, as all know that whatever Mr. Hill undertakes in that line, is done in the best style known to the art. We know of no other book which has so many new and original designs."


From the People and the Press in General.

The Universal Testimony is that Hill's Album is one of the Most Unique, Elegant and Useful

Books in the World. Read the Verdict.

"One of the Most Instructive and Entertaining Books."

[From Rev. H. W. Thomas, Chicago. ] I THINK ' Hill's Album' is one of the most instruct-ive and entertaining books I ever saw."

"Most Fascinatingly Interesting."

[From the Passaic (N. J.) Item. ] "We know of no volume so comprehensive in its information as this, and arranged in such a manner as to be most fascinatingly interesting.""

" The Most Beautiful and Complete."

[From the Chicago Inter-Ocean] "One of the most beautiful and complete books of the year. Not only is it wholly creditable as a fine specimen of the printer's art, but the elegant, unique and artistic designs are worthy of special commendation. But the value of the book is in its reading contents, and the admirable system and method of its arrangement. The author is the Hon. Thomas E Hill, author of 'Hill's Manual of Social and Business Forms,' another of the practical books. The book, under many headings, gleans the most interesting and valuable acts of history bearing upon the subject."

"We Have Examined it and Were Captured."

[From the Sandwich (111.) Argus.] "'Hill's Album' is a wonder of art and industry. We have examined it and were captured. Mr. Hill made a great success of his 'Manual,' and this work gives evidence of his old-time industry and thoroughness. It is full of information upon matters of science, art, architecture, mechanics, biography, religion, etc., and is embellished and illustrated in the highest perfection. The amount of persistent labor needed for Mr. Hill to accomplish this perfect 'Album,' is as wonderful as the skill shown in gathering in so small a compass the pith of the world's history."