The Bureau of the Mint is under the general direction of the Secretary of the Treasury. Its chief officer is the Director of the Mint, who is appointed by the President; serves five years, unless he dies, resigns or is removed for cause, and has a salary of $4,500, besides his necessary traveling expenses. The Bureau of the Mint has under its control all the government mints for the manufacture of gold, silver and other coins, and all the assay offices for the stamping of bullion in order to establish its fineness and coin value. In his annual report to the Secretary of the Treasury, the Director of the Mint sets forth what and how valuable have been the operations of the mints during the preceding fiscal year, and the estimates for their operation during the next succeeding year.

The Secretary of the Treasury appoints the number of classified clerks necessary to carry on the duties of this bureau.

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Suggestions And Facts Relating To The Public Domai 486

Inspectors, Revenue Officers, Sub-Treasurers and Superinten't of Mint.