OP. - Chop, hop, drop, crop, fop, top, prop, flop, shop, slop, sop, stop, swap, underprop. Allowable rhymes, cope, trope, hope, etc., tup, sup, etc., coop, etc.

OPE. - Sope, hope, cope, mope, grope, pope, rope, scope, slope, tope, trope, aslope, elope, interlope, telescope, heliotrope, horoscope, antelope, etc., and ope, contracted in poetry for open. Allowable rhymes, hoop, coop, etc., lop, top, etc., tup, sup, etc.

OPT. - Adopt rhymes perfectly with the preterits and participles of verbs in op, as hopped, lopped, etc. Allowable rhymes, the preterits and participles of verbs in ope, upe, oop, and up, as ccped, duped, hooped, cupped, etc.

OR. - Or, for, creditor, counselor, confessor, competitor, emperor, ancestor, ambassador, progenitor, conspirator, successor, conqueror, governor, abhor, metaphor, bachelor, senator, etc., and every word in or, having the accent on the last, or last syllable but two, as abhor, orator, etc. Allowable rhymes, bore, tore, etc., boar, hoar, etc., pure, endure, etc., pur, demur, etc., stir, sir, etc.

ORCH,-Scorch, torch, etc. Allowable rhymes, birch, smirch, church, etc., porch, etc.

ORCE. - Force, divorce, enforce, perforce, etc. Perfect rhymes, corse, coarse, hoarse, course, discourse, recourse, intercourse, source, resource, etc. Allowable rhymes, worse, purse, etc., horse, endorse, etc.

ORD. - Cord, lord, record, accord, abhorred. Allowable rhymes, hoard, board, aboard, ford, afford, sword, etc., word, curd, bird, etc. and the pre terits and participles of verbs in ore, ur and ir, as bored, incurred, stirred, etc

ORE. - Bore, core, gore, lore, more, ore, pore, score, shore, snore, sore, store, swore, tore, wore, adore, afore, ashore, deplore, explore, implore, restore, forbore, forswore, heretofore, hellebore, sycamore. Perfect rhymes, boar, oar, roar, soar, four, door, floor, and o'er for over. Allowable rhymes, hour, sour. etc., pow'r for power, show'r for shower, etc., bur, cur, etc., poor, your, etc., abhor, orator, senator, etc. See OOR and OR.

ORGE. - Gorge, disgorge, regorge, etc. Allowable rhymes, forge, urge, dirge, etc.

ORK.-Ork, cork, fork, stork, etc. Allowable rhymes, pork, work.

ORLD. - World rhymes perfectly with the preterits and participles of verbs in url, as hurled, curled, etc.

ORM and ARM. - Form, storm, conform, deform, inform, perform, reform, misinform, uniform, multiform, transform. Allowable rhymes, form (a seat) and worm.

ORN, rhyming with HORN. - Born, corn, morn, horn, scorn, thorn, adorn, suborn, unicorn, Capricorn. Allowable rhymes, the participles borne, (suffered) shorn, etc., the verb mourn, the nouns urn, turn, etc.

ORN, rhyming with MORN. - Born, shorn, torn, worn, lorn, love-lorn, sworn, forsworn, overborn, forlorn. Perfect rhyme, mourn. Allowable rhymes, born, corn, etc., urn, burn, etc.

ORSE, see ORCE. - Horse, endorse, unhorse. Allowable rhymes, worse, curse, etc., remorse, coarse, course, corse, etc.

ORST, see URST. ORT, see ART.

ORT, rhyming with "WART. - Short, sort, exhort, consort, distort, extort, resort, retort, snort. Allowable rhymes, fort, court, port, report, etc., dirt, shirt, etc., wort, hurt, etc.

ORT, rhyming with COURT. - Fort, port, sport, comport, disport, export, import, support, transport, report. Allowable rhymes, short, sort, etc., dirt, hurt, etc.

ORTH.-Forth, fourth. Allowable rhymes, north, worth, birth, earth, etc.

OSE, (sounded) OCE. - Close, dose, jocose. Perfect rhymes, morose, gross, engross, verbose. Allowable rhymes, moss, cross, etc., us, thus, etc.

OSE (sounded) OZE. - Close, dose, hose, pose, chose, gloze, froze, nose, prose, those, rose, compose, depose, disclose, dispose, discompose, expose, impose, inclose, interpose, oppose, propose, recompose, repose, suppose, transpose, arose, presuppose, foreclose, etc., and the plurals of nouns and apostrophized preterits and participles of verbs in ow, oe, o, etc., as rows, glows, foes, goes, etc. Allowable, rhymes, the verbs choose, lose, etc., and the plurals of nouns and third persons singular of verbs in ow, rhyming with now, as cows, and the word buzz.

OSS. - Boss, loss, cross, dross, moss, toss, across, emboss. Allowable rhymes, the nouns close, dose, jocose, etc., and us, thus, etc.

OST. - Cost, frost, lost, accost, etc., and the preterits and participles of words in oss, as mossed, embossed, etc., the verb exhaust, and the noun holocaust. Allowable rhymes, ghost, host, post, compost, most, etc., coast, boast, toast, etc., bust, must, etc., roost, and the preterits and participles of verbs in oose, as loosed, etc.

OT, see AT. - Clot, cot, blot, got, hot, jot, lot, knot, not, plot, pot, scot, shot, sot, spot, apricot, trot, rot, grot, begot, forgot, allot, besot, com-plot, counterplot. Allowable rhymes, note, vote, etc., boat, coat etc., but, cut, etc.

OTCH. - Botch, notch, etc. Perfect rhyme, watch. Allowable rhymes, much, such, etc.

OTE. - Note, vote, mote, quote, rote, wrote, smote, denote, promote, remote, devote, anecdote, antidote, etc. Perfect rhymes, boat, coat, bloat, doat, gloat, float, goat, oat, overfloat, afloat, throat, moat. Allowable rhymes, bout, flout, etc., hot, cot, etc., but, cut, etc., boot, hoot, etc.

OTH.-Broth, cloth, froth, moth, troth, betroth. Perfect rhyme, wrath. Allowable rhymes, both, loth, sloth, oath, growth, etc., forsooth, the noun mouth, and the solemn auxiliary doth, to which some poets add loathe, clothe, but I think improperly. See OOTH.

OU, see OO and OW. OUBT, see OUT.

OUCH. - Couch, pouch, vouch, slouch, avouch, crouch. Allowable rhymes, much, such, etc., coach, roach, etc.

OUD.-Shroud, cloud, proud, loud, aloud, crowd, overshroud, etc. and the preterits and participles of verbs in ow, as he bowed, vowed, etc. Allowable rhymes, the preterits and participles of verbs in ow, as owed, flowed, etc., blood, flood, etc., bud, mud, etc.