ENTS. - Accoutrements. Perfect rhymes, the plurals of nouns and third persons singular, present tense, of verbs in ent, as scents, he assents, etc.

EP. - Step, nep, etc. Allowable rhymes, leap, reap, etc., rape, tape, etc.

EPT. - Accept, adept, except, intercept, etc. Perfect rhymes, crept, slept, wept, kept. Allowable rhymes, the preterits and participles of verbs in ape, eep and eap, as peeped, reaped, shaped, etc.

ERR. - Err, aver, defer, infer, deter, inter, refer, transfer, confer, prefer, parterre, administer, wagoner, islander, arbiter, character, villager, cottager, dowager, forager, pillager, voyager, massacre, gardener, slanderer, flatterer, idolater, provender, theater, amphitheater, foreigner, lavender, messenger, passenger, sorcerer, interpreter, officer, mariner, harbinger, minister, register, canister, chorister, sophister. presbyter, lawgiver, philosopher, astrologer, loiterer, prisoner, grasshopper, astronomer, sepulcher, thunderer, traveler murderer, usurer. Allowable rhymes, bare, care, etc., ear, fear, etc., bar, car, etc., sir, flr, her, etc.

ERCH, see EARCH. ERCE, see ERSE. ERD, see EARD. ERE, see EER.

ERGE. - Verge, emerge, absterge, immerge. Perfect rhyme, dirge. Nearly perfect rhymes, urge, purge, surge. Allowable rhymes, barge, large, etc.

ERN. - Fern, stern, discern, concern. Perfect rhymes, learn, earn, yearn, etc. Allowable rhymes, barn, yarn, etc., burn, turn, etc.

ERSE. - Verse, hearse, absterse, adverse, averse, converse, disperse, immerse, perverse, reverse, traverse, asperse, intersperse, universe. Perfect rhymes, amerce, coerce, etc., fierce, tierce, pierce, etc. Allowable rhymes, farce, parse, Mars; etc., purse, curse, etc.

ERT. - Wert, advert, assert, avert, concert, convert, controvert, desert, divert, exert, expert, insert, invert, pervert, subvert. Allowable rhymes, heart, part, etc., shirt, dirt, etc., hurt, spurt, etc.

ERVE. - Serve, nerve, swerve, preserve, deserve, conserve, observe, reserve, disserve, subserve. Allowable rhymes, starve, carve, etc., curve, etc.

ESS. - Bless, dress, cess, chess, guess, less, mess, press, stress, acquiesce, access, address, assess, compress, confess, caress, depress, digress, dispossess, distress, excess, express, impress, oppress, possess, profess, recess, repress, redress, success, transgress, adulteress, bashfulness, bitterness, cheerfulness, comfortless, comeliness, dizziness, diocese, drowsiness, eagerness, easiness, embassadress, emptiness, evenness, fatherless, filthiness, foolishness, forgetfulness, forwardness, frowardness, fruitfulness, fulsomeness, giddiness, greediness, gentleness, governess, happiness, haughtiness, heaviness, idleness, heinousness, hoaryness, hollowness, holiness, lasciviousness, lawfulness, laziness, littleness, liveliness, loftiness, lioness, lowliness, manliness, masterless, mightiness, motherless, motionless, nakedness, neediness, noisomeness, numberless, patroness, peevishness, perfidiousness, pitiless, poetess, prophetess, ransomness, readiness, righteousness, shepherdess, sorceress, sordidness, spiritless, sprightliness, stubbornness, sturdiness, surliness, steadiness, tenderness, thoughtfulness, ugliness, uneasiness, un-happiness, votaress, usefulness, wakefulness, wantonness, weaponless, wariness, willingness, willfulness, weariness, wickedness, wilderness, wretchedness, drunkenness, childishness. Allowable rhymes, mass, pass, etc., mace, place, etc.

ESE, see EE'ZE.

ESH. - Flesh, fresh, refresh, thresh, afresh, mesh. Allowable rhymes, mash, flash, etc.

ESK. - Desk. Perfect rhymes, grotesque, burlesque, etc. Allowable rhymes, mask, ask, etc.

EST. - Best, chest, crest, guest, jest, nest, pest, quest, rest, test, vest, west, arrest, attest, bequest, contest, detest, digest, divest, invest, infest, molest, obtest, protest, retest, suggest, unrest, interest, manifest, etc. Perfect rhymes, breast, abreast, etc., and the preterits and participles of verbs in ess, as dressed, expressed, etc. Allowable rhymes, cast, fast,etc., haste, waste, etc., beast, least, etc. See EAST.

ET. - Bet, jet, fret, get, let, met, net, set, wet, whet, yet, debt, abet, beget, beset, forget, regret, alphabet, amulet, anchoret, cabinet, epithet, parapet, rivulet, violet, counterfeit, coronet, etc. Perfect rhymes, sweat, threat, etc. Allowable rhymes, bate, hate, etc., beat, heat, etc.

ETCH. - Fetch, stretch, wretch, sketch, etc. Allowable rhymes, match, latch, etc., peach, bleach, etc.

ETE,see EAT. EVE, see EAVE. EUM, see UME.

EW. - Blew, chew, dew, brew, drew, flew, few, grew, new, knew, hew, Jew, mew, view, threw, yew. crew, slew, anew, askew, bedew, eschew, renew, review, withdrew, screw, interview, etc. Perfect rhymes, blue, clue, cue, glue, hue, rue, sue, strue, accrue, ensue, endue, imbue, imbrue, pursue, subdue, adieu, purlieu, perdue, residue, avenue, revenue, retinue.

EWD, see EUD. EWN, see UNE.

EX. - Sex, vex, annex, convex, complex, perplex, circumflex, and the plurals of nouns and third persons singular of verbs in eck, as checks, he checks, etc. Allowable rhymes, ax, wax, etc., and the plurals of nouns and third persons singular of verbs in ake, ack, eak, eke, ique, ike, etc., breaks, rakes, etc., he takes, he breaks, racks, he ekes, pikes, he likes, he pipes, etc.

EXT. - Next, pretext, and the preterits and participles of verbs in ex, as vexed, perplexed, etc. Allowable rhymes, the preterits and participles of verbs in ax, as waxed, etc.

EY, see AY.


IB. - Bib, crib, squib, drib, glib, nib, rib. Allowable rhymes, bribe, tribe, etc.

IBE.-Bribe, tribe, scribe, ascribe, describe, superscribe, prescribe, proscribe, subscribe, transcribe, inscribe. Allowable rhymes, bib, crib, etc.

ICE. - Ice, dice, mice, nice, price, rice, spice, slice, thrice, trice, advice, entice, vice, device. Perfect rhymes, rise, concise, precise, paradise, etc. Allowable rhymes, miss, kiss, hiss, artifice, avarice, cockatrice, benefice, cicatrice, edifice, orifice, prejudice, precipice, sacrifice, etc., piece, fleece, etc.