1. A printed copy of the title of the book, map, chart, dramatic or musical composition, engraving, cut, print, photograph, or a description of the painting, drawing, chromo, statue, statuary, or model or design for a work of the fine arts, for which copyright is desired, must be sent by mail, or otherwise, prepaid, addressed

Librarian Of Congress

Washington, D. C. This must be done before publication of the book or other article.

2. Copyright Fees - A fee of 50 cents, for recording the title of each book or other article, must be enclosed with the title as above, and 50 cents in addition (or $1 in all) for each certificate of copyright, under seal of the Librarian of Congress, which will be transmitted by an early mail.

3. To Perfect Copyright - Within ten days after publication of each book or other article, two complete copies of the best edition issued must be forwarded by mail, under free labels sent by the Librarian, to perfect the copyright, with the address

Librarian Of Congress

Washington, D. C. If sent by express, instead of mail, the charges are to be prepaid by the senders. Without the deposit of copies above required, the copyright is void, and a penalty of $25 is incurred. No copy is required to be deposited elsewhere.

4. Notice of Copyright - No copyright hereafter issned is valid unless notice is given by inserting in every copy published, on the title-page, or the page following, if it be a book; or, if a map, chart, musical composition, print, cut, engraving, photograph, painting, drawing, chromo, statue, statuary, or model or design intended to be perfected as a work of the fine arts, by inscribing upon some portion of the face or front thereof, or on the face of the substance on which the same is mounted, the following words, viz. : Entered according to act of Congress, in the year---------, by---------, in the office of the

Librarian of Congress, at Washington. Or thus: Copyright, 18 - , by A. B.

The law imposes a penalty of $100 upon any person who has not obtained copyright who shall insert notice "Entered according to act of Congress," etc., or "copyright," or words of the same import, in or upon any book or other article.

5. Translations,Etc. - Any author may reserve the right to translate or to dramatize his own work. In this case, notice should be given by printing the words, Bight of translation reserved, or All rights reserved, below the notice of copyright entry, and notifying the Librarian of Congress of such reservation, to be entered upon the record.

6. Duration of Copyright - Each copyright secures the exclusive right of publishing the book or article copyrighted for the term of twenty-eight years. Six months before the* end of that time, the author or designer, or his widow or children, may secure a renewal for the further term of fourteen years, making forty-two years in all. Applications for renewal must be accompanied by explicit statement of ownership, in the case of the author, or of relationship, in the case of his heirs, and must state definitely the date and place of entry of the original copyright.

7. Time of Publication - The time within which any work copyrighted may be issued from the press is not limited by any law or regulation, but depends upon the discretion of the proprietor. A copyright may be secured for a projected work as well as for a completed one.

8. Assignment - Any copyright is assignable in law by any instrument of writing, but such assignment must be recorded in the office of the Librarian of Congress within sixty days from its date. The fee for this record and certificate is one dollar.

9. Copies, or Duplicate Certificates - A copy of the record (or duplicate certificate) of any copyright entry will be furnished under seal, at the rate of fifty cents each.

10. To Be Copyrighted Separately - In the case of books published in more than one volume, if issued or sold separately, or for periodicals published in numbers, or of engravings, photographs, or other articles published with variations, a copyright is to be taken out of each volume of a book, or number of a periodical, or variety, as to size or inscription, of any other article.

11. Copyrights for Works of Art - To secure a copyright for a painting, statue, model or design intended to be perfected as a work of the fine arts, so as to prevent infringement by copying, engraving, or vending such design, a definite description must accompany the application for copyright, and a photograph of the same, at least as large as "cabinet size," must be mailed to the Librarian of Congress within ten days from the completion of the work.

12. Full Name of Proprietor Required - Every applicant for a copyright must state distinctly the name and residence of the claimant, and whether the right is claimed as author, designer, or proprietor. No affidavit or formal application is required.