Rockbridge Alum Springs and Rockbridge Baths - In Rockbridge County, Va., near Goshen, there are 5 fountains, brick cottages, a hotel, with fine grounds and beautiful scenery. Chronic dyspepsia, irritation of the stomach, scrofula and skin diseases are relieved by the waters. Near the springs are the Baths, on the shore of North River, amid pleasing scenery. Iron and carbonic-acid gas enter largely into the waters, which are recommended as a tonic.

Bye Beach, N. H. - Seven miles from Portsmouth, on the sea-shore, and popular as a watering place on account of its safe and excellent bathing facilities. The scenery is fine from the neighboring Straw's Point, covering views of a long sea-coast and the Isles of Shoals.

Saguenay River, Can. - The month of this river is 120 miles below Quebec, on the St. Lawrence River, into which it empties. The river is about 100 miles long, its upper part being distinguished for cataracts and wild waters. Toward its mouth it becomes extremely deep, so that large vessels ascend it for 65 miles. The river flows through an immense chasm in the rocky cliffs which tower above its surface to a height of 1,500 feet, and its depth at its union with the St. Lawrence is more than 2,000 feet. The scenery is sombre, with scant vegetation, and is remark-able for the absence of a river beach, the rocks rising quite perpendicularly, generally, from the waters' edge.

Salt Lake, Utah - The Great Salt Lake is 80 miles long by 40 miles wide, bounded by mountains, and is remarkable for its placid surface and saline taste. Salt Lake City, the head-quarters of Mormonism, is situated at its southern end. About 3 miles distant from the city is the military post of Camp Douglas. In the city is the famous Mormon Tabernacle, seating 15,000 persons, the new and costly Mormon Temple and a City Hall which cost $70,000, besides numerous Mormon churches and a few of other denominations.

San Luis Park, Southern Colorado

A tract of land containing nearly 18,000 square miles of land, bounded on the west by the Sierra Mimbres Mountains, and on the east by the Cordilleras Mountains, from whose snowy peaks and sides flow 35 rivers and rivulets, 19 of which empty into San Luis Lake, while the others flow on to the River Pel Norte. Immense forests of hemlock, cedar, pine, spruce, fir, oak, aspen and pinon abound, relieved by fertile meadows, which form extensive cattle resorts from year's end to year's end. The climate is moderate, and vegetation luxuriant.

Saratoga Springs, N. Y. - These celebrated medicinal waters were known to the American Indians 350 years ago, or more, and the first white man's house (Sir William Johnson's) was built in that vicinity in 1773. The neighboring Plains were the scene of a great battle between the French and English, in 1693, and another, more famous, between Generals Burgoyne, of the English, and Gates, of the American Colonial troops, in 1777. As a summer resort, Saratoga stands high in public estimation, from the excellence of the waters, which flow from 28 springs (6 of which are spouting fountains), and which are valued for their tonic and cathartic qualities. Saratoga Lake, 8 miles long by 2 1/2 miles wide, nearly 4 miles from the village, is a favorite resort for visitors. Hotels are numerous at the springs, and during the season (which is very gay, from June 15 to September 15, each year, are liberally patronized. The Saratoga battle-ground is at Stillwater, 15 miles southeast of the Springs. The local surroundings of the springs add, also, to the pleasure of the guests.

Seneca Lake, X. Y. - In Seneca County, and adjoining Ontario, Yates and Schuyler Counties. Its length is 36 miles, but its width varies from 2 to 4 miles, and it is elevated about 200 feet above the surface of Lake Ontario. Its depth is 630 feet, and it seldom freezes over. Its situation amid beautiful scenery renders it very attractive to tourists. From it, by the Oswego and Seneca Rivers, the waters flow into Lake Ontario. At its north end is the pretty village of Geneva; at its south end is the village of Watkins, and at the beginning of the Cayuga and Seneca Canal is the village of Seneca Falls. The lake is navigated by steamboats.

Sharon Springs - Howe's Cave, X. V

- Situated in Schoharie County, 210 miles from New York City. Five springs, one each of pure water, chalybeate, magnesia, white sulphur and blue sulphur, flow near together, and, combining their waters beyond, empty into a neighboring stream, in their course over the cliffs falling a distance of 65 feet. Water-baths are furnished, as well as a bath in which the patient is plastered over with sulphurous mud, heated to 110 degrees, for the relief of rheumatism. Much beauty Is revealed in the local walks and drives in the neighborhood. Near by, also, is Howe's Cave, a subterranean wonder, having (it is stated) a depth of 12 miles, brilliant with thousands of stalactites, which reflect the gas-lights used to illuminate the cavern for some distance beyond its entrance.

Shoshone Falls, Idaho - On the Oregon Short Line Railroad, tourists can make an excursion south, by stage, from Shoshone station to this magnificent cataract, where the Snake River pours an immense volume of water through a narrow canon, over a precipice 210 feet high, to the bottom of a gorge whose walls rise to a perpendicular height of 1,000 feet. The walls of the canon are formed from lava, curiously mottled and worn away by the action of the elements. Four miles above are the Twin Falls, the passage from one to the other being made in a sail-boat, if desired. The place is being fitted up for a popular resort.

South Park, Colo. - South of Middle Park, described above, is another natural park, 9,000 feet above the ocean level, entirely surrounded by mountains, and embracing an area of 2,000 square miles. The mildness of the climate invites invalids to visit it, and tourists and hunters find much to interest them in its scenery and game.