N. G. - New Granada; Noble Grand.

N.H. - New Hampshire; New Haven.

N.H.H.S. - New Hampshire Historical Society.

Ni. pri. - Nisi prius (law).

N. J. - New Jersey.

n. 1. - Non liquet, It does not appear.

N. lat. -North latitude.

N.Mex. - New Mexico.

N. N. E. - North-Northeast.

N. N. W. - North-Northwest.

N. 0. - New Orleans.

No. - Numero, number.

Nol. pros. - Nolens prosequi, Unwilling to prosecute.

Nom. or nom. - Nominative.

Non con. - Not content; dissenting (House of Lords).

Non cul. - Non culpabilis, Not guilty.

Non obst. - Non obstante, notwithstanding.

Non pros. - Non prosequitur, He does not prosecute.

Non seq. - Non sequitur, It does not follow.

Nos. - Numbers.

Nov. - November.

N.P. - Notary Public; New Provi dence.

N.S. - New Style (after 1752); Nova Scotia.

N. T. - New Testament.

N.u. - Name, or names, unknown.

Num. - Numbers; Numeral.

N.V.M. - Nativity of the Virgin Mary.

N. W. - Northwest.

N.W.T. - Northwestern Territory.

N.Y.-New York.

N.Y.H.S. - New York Historical Society.


Ob. - Obiit, He (or she) died.

Obad. - Obadiah.

Obj. - Objection; Objective.

O.K. - A slang phrase for "All correct. "

Obt. or obdt. - Obedient.

Oct. - October.

O.F. - Odd-Fellow, or Odd-Fellows.

O.F.P. - Order of Friar Preachers.

Old Test. or O.T. - Old Testament.

Olym. - Olympiad.

Ont. - Ontario.

Opt. - Optics; Optical; Optional.

Or. - Oregon.

Ord. - Ordinance; Order; Ordnance; Ordinary.

Orig. - Originally.

Ornith. - Ornithology.

O.S. - Old Style (before 1752).

O.S.F. - Order of St. Francis.

O.T. - Old Testament.

O. U. A. - Order of United Americans.

Oxf. - Oxford.

Oxon. - Oxoniensis Oxonii, of Oxford, at Oxford.

Oz. - Ounce.

P. - Pondere, by weight.

P. or p. - Page; Part; Participle.

Pa. - Pennsylvania.

Pal. - Palaeontology.

Par. - Paragraph.

Par. Pas. - Parallel passage.

Parl - Parliament.

Pathol. - Pathology.

Payt. - Payment.

Pb. - Plumbum, lead.

P.B. - Philosophic Baccalaureus, Bachelor of Philosophy.

P. C - Patres Conscripti, Conscript Fathers; Senators.

P.C. - Privy Council; Privy Councilor.

P. D. - Philosophies Doctor, Doctor of Philosophy.

Pd. - Paid.

P.E. - Protestant Episcopal.

P.E I. - Prince Edward Island.

Penn. - Pennsylvania.

Pent. - Pentecost.

Per or pr. - By the.

Per an. - Per annum, by the year.

Percent. - Per centum, by the hundred.

Peri. - Perigee.

Pet - Peter.

P. G. - Past Grand.

Phar. - Pharmacy.

Ph. B. - Philosophiae; Baccalaureus, Bachelor of Philosophy.

Ph. D. - Philosophiae Doctor, Doctor of Philosophy.

Phil. - Philip; Philippians; Philosophy; Philemon.

Phila. or Phil. - Philadelphia.

Philom. - Philomathes, Lover of Learning.

Philomath. - Philomathematicus, A lover of the mathematics.

Phil. Trans. - Philosophical Transactions.

Phren. - Phrenology.

P.H.S. - Pennsylvania Historical Society.

Pinx. - Pinxit, He (or she) painted it.

Pk. - Peck.

Pl. or plur. - Plural.

Plff. - Plaintiff.

P.M. - Post Meridiem, Afternoon, Evening; Postmaster; Passed Midshipman.

P. M. G. - Postmaster-General; Professor of Music in Gresham College.

P.O. - Post-Ofnee.

Poet. - Poetical.

Pop. - Population.

Port. - Portugal; Portuguese.

Pos. - Position; Positive; Possession.

P.P. - Pater Patrice, Father of his

Country; Parish Priest. P. P.C. - Pour prendre conge, to take leave. Pp. or pp. - Pages. Pph. - Pamphlet. Pr.-By. P. R. - Populus Romanus, the Roman

People; Porto Rico; Proof-reader;

Prize Ring. P. R. A. - President of the Royal

Academy. P. R.C. - Post Romam conditam,

After the building of Rome. Pref. - Preface. Prep. - Preposition. Pres. - President. Prin. - Principally. Pro. - For; in favor of. Prob. - Problem. Prof. - Professor. Pron. - Pronoun; Pronunciation. Prop. - Proposition. Prot. - Protestant. Pro tern. - Pro tempore, for the time being. Prov. - Proverbs; Provost. Prox. - Proximo, next (month). P. R.S. - President of the Royal Society. P. S. - Post scriptum, Postscript. P.S. - Privy Seal. Ps. - Psalm or Psalms. Pt. - Part; Pint; Payment; Point;

Port; Post-town. P.Th.G. - Professor of Theology in

Gresham College. Pub. - Publisher; Publication; Published; Public. Pub. Doc - Public Documents. P. v. - Post-village. Pwt. - Pennyweight; pennyweights. Pxt. - Pinxit, He (or she) painted it. Q. - Queen; Question, q. - Quasi, as it were; almost. Q. B. - Queen's Bench. Q. C. - Queen's College; Queen's

Counsel. q. d. - Quasi dicat, as if he should say; quasi dictum, as if said; quasi dixisset, as if he had said. q.e. - Quod est, which is. q.e.d. - Quod erat demonstrandum, which was to be proved. q. e. f. - Quod erat faciendum, which was to be done. q.e. i. - Quod erat inveniendum, which was to be found out. q.l. - Quantum libet, as much as you please. Q. M. - Quartermaster. qm. - Quomodo, how; by what means. Q. M. G. - Quartermaster-General.

q. p. or q.pl. - Quantum placet, as much as you please.

Qr. - Quarter.

Q. S. - Quarter - sessions; Quarter-section.

q. s. - Quantum sufficit, a sufficient quantity.

Qt. - Quart.

qu. or ay. - Quare, inquire; query.

Quar. - Quarterly.

Ques. - Question.

q.v. - Quod vide, which see; quantum vis, as much as you will.

R. - Recipe, take. Regina, Queen; Rex, King. River; Rod; Rood; Rises.

R.A. - Royal Academy; Royal Academician; Royal Arch; Royal Arcanum; Royal Artillery.

RC. - Rescriptum, a Rescript, rewritten.

R. E. - Royal Engineers.

Rec - Recipe, or Recorder.