Recd. - Received.

Rec. Sec. - Recording Secretary.

Rect. - Rector; Receipt.

Ref. - Reference; Reform.

Ref. Ch. - Reformed Church.

Reg. - Register; Regular.

Reg. Prof. - Regius Professor.

Regr. - Registrar.

Regt. - Regiment.

Rel. - Religion.

Rep. - Representative; Reporter; Republic.

Rev. - Reverend; Revelation (Book of); Review; Revenue; Revise.

Rhet. - Rhetoric.

R.I. - Rhode Island.

Richd. - Richard.

R. I. H. S. - Rhode Island Historical Society.

R.M. - Royal Marines; Royal Mail.

R.M.S. - Royal Mail Steamer.

R.N. - Royal Navy.

R.N.O. - Riddare af Nordstjerne Orden, Knight of the Order of the Polar Star.

Ro. - Recto, Right-hand page.

Robt. - Robert.

Rom. - Romans (Book of).

Rom. Cath. - Roman Catholic.

R.P. - Regius Professor, the King's Professor.

R.R. - Railroad.

R. S. - Recording Secretary.

'Rs. - Responsum, answer; respon-dere, to answer.

R.S.A. - Royal Society of Anti quaries; Royal Scottish Academy.

R.S.D - Royal Society of Dublin.

R.S.E. - Royal Society of Edinburgh.

R.S.L. - Royal Society of London.

R. S. V.P. - Repondez s'il vous plait, Answer, if you please.

Rt. Hon. - Right Honorable.

Rt. Rev. - Right Reverend.

Rt. Wpful. - Right Worshipful.

R.W. - Right Worthy.

R W.O. - Riddare af Wasa Orden, Knight of the Order of Wasa.

S. - South; Saint; Scribe; Sulphur;

Sunday; Sun; Series. S. - Solidus, a shilling. S.A. - South America; South Africa,

South Australia. s.a. - Secundum artem, according to art. Sam. - Samuel. Sancs. - Sanscrit. S. A. S. - Societatis Antiquariorum

Socius, Fellow of the Society of

Antiquaries. Sat. - Saturday. Sax. - Saxon.

Sax. Chron. - Saxon Chronicle. S C. - Senatus Consultum, A decree of the Senate; South Carolina.

Sc - Sculpsit ,he {or she) engraved it.

Sc. or scil. - Scilicet, namely.

Scan. Mag. - Scandalum magnatum, scandal; or scandalum magnum, great scandal.

S. caps. - Small capitals.

Schol. - Scholium, a note.

Schr. - Schooner.

Sci. fa. - Scire facias, make known (legal).

Sclav. - Sclavonic.

Sculp. or sculp. - Sculpsit, he (or she) engraved it.

Scot. - Scotland; Scottish; Scotch.

Scr. - Scruple.

S.D. - Salutem dicit, sends health.

S. E. - Southeast.

Sec. - Secretary; Second, Section.

Sec. Leg. - Secretary of Legation.

Sec. leg. - Secundum legem, according to law.

Sec. reg. - Secundum regulam, according to rule.

Sect. - Section.

Sem. - Semble, it seems.

Sen. - Senate; Senator; Senior.

Sept. - September; Septuagint.

Seq. - Sequentia, following; sequi-tur, it follows.

Ser. - Series.

Serg. - Sergeant.

Serg. -Maj. - Sergeant-Major.

Serv. - Servant.

S. G. - Solicitor-General.

Shak. - Shakspeare.

S.H. S. - Societatis Historian Socius, Fellow of the Historical Society.

Sing. - Singular.

S. Isl. - Sandwich Islands.

S. J. - Society of Jesus; Society of Jesus, or Jesuits.

8. J.C. - Supreme Judicial Court.

Skr. - Sanscrit.

S.L. - Solicitor at Law (Scot).

S. lat. - South latitude.

S.M. - State Militia; Short Meter; Sergeant-Major; Sons of Malta.

S. M. Lond. Soc. Cor. - Societatis Medicae Londinensis Socius Corres-pondens, Corresponding Member of the London Medical Society.

s. n. - Secundum naturam, according to nature.

Soc. Isl. - Society Islands.

Sol. - Solomon; Solution.

Sol. -Gen. - Solicitor-General.

Sp. or Span. - Spanish.

Sp. - Special.

S. of Sol. - Song of Solomon,

S. P. - Sine prole, without issue.

S. P. A. S. - Societatis Philosophical Americanae Socius, Member of the American Philosophical Society.

S.P.G. - Society for the Propogation of the Gospel.

Sp. gr. - Specific gravity.

S. P. Q. R. - Senatus Propulusque Romani, the Roman Senate and people. Sq. ft. - Square foot or square feet. Sq. in. - Square inch or inches. Sq. m. - Square mile or miles. Sq. r. - Square rood or roods. Sq. yd. - Square yard. Sr. - Sir or Senior. S. R. I. - Sacrum Romanum Imperium, Holy Roman Empire.

S. R. S. - Societatis Regiae Socius, Fellow of the Royal Society.

S. S. - Sunday-school.

SS. - Saints.

SS. orss. - Scilicet, to wit.

ss. - Semis, half.

S.S.C. - Solicitor before the Supreme Court (Scotland).

S. S. E. - South-Southeast.

S. S. W. - South-Southwest.

St. - Saint; Street; Strait; Stone.

Stat. - Statute.

S. T. D. - Sacrae Theologiae Doctor, Doctor of Sacred Theology.

Ster. or Stg. - Sterling.

S. T. P. - Sacra Theologiae Professor, Professor of Secred Theology.

Su. - Sunday.

Subj. - Subjunctive.

Subst. - Substantive.

Su. -Goth. - Suio-Gothic.

Sun. or Sund. - Sunday.

Sup. - Supplement; Superfine; Supe-rior.

Supt. - Superintendent.

Surg. - Surgeon; Surgery.

Surg. -Gen. - Surgeon-General.

Surv. - Surveyor.

Surv. -Gen. - Surveyor-General.

Sus. - Susannah.

s. v. - Sub verbo, under the word or title.

S.W. - Southwest.

Switz. - Switzerland.

Syn. - Synonym; Synonymous.

T. - Territory; Town; Township;

Tutti, all together. T. or tomn. - Tome, volume. Ta. - Tantalum (Columbium). T.E. - Topographical Engineers. Tenn. - Tennessee. Ter.-"-Territory. Tex. - Texas. Text. Rec. - Textus Receptus, the

Received Text. Th. or Thurs. - Thursday. Theo. - Theodore. Theol. - Theology; Theological. Theoph. - Theophilus. Thess. - Thessalonians. Tho'. - Though. Thos. - Thomas. Thro'. - Through.

Tim. - Timothy.

Tit. - Titus.

T.O. - Turnover.

Tob. - Tobit.

Topog. - Topography; Topographical.

Tr. - Transpose; Translator, Trans-lation; Trustee. Trs. - Trustees.

tr. - Trillo, a shake.

Trans. - Translator; Translation, Transactions.

Treas. - Treasurer.

Trin. - Trinity.

Tues. or Tu. - Tuesday.

Typ. - Typographer.

U.C. - Urbis conditae, year of Rome.

U.E. I.C. - United East India Com pany. U. J. D. - Utriusque Juris Doctor,

Doctor of both Laws (Civil and

Canon). U. K. - United Kingdom. ult. - Ultimo, last; of the last month. Unit. - Unitarian. Univ. - University. U.S. - United States. u. s. - Ut supra or uti supra, as above. U.S.A. - United States Army; United

States of America. U.S.M. - United States Mail; United

States Marine. U.S.M.A. - United States Military

Academy. U. S. N. - United States Navy. U. S. N. A. - United States Naval

Academy. U. S. S. - United States Senate. Utah - Utah Territory. V. - Five or fifth; Violin. W. - Violins, v. or vid. - Vide, see. v. or vs. - Versus, against; Versiculo, in such a verse. Va. - Virginia. Vat. - Vatican. V. C. - Vice-Chancellor. V. D. M. - Verbi Dei Minister, Minister of God's Word.

Ven. - Venerable.

Ver. - Verse.

V. G. - Vicar-General.

v. g. - Verbi gratia, as for example.

VI. - Six or sixth.

VII. - Seven or seventh.

VIII. - Eight or eighth.

Vice-Pres. or V. P. - Vice-President.

Visc. - Viscount.

viz. or vi. - Videlicet, to wit; namely; that is to say. Vo. - Verso, left-hand page. Vol. - Volume. V. R. - Victoria Regina, Queen

Victoria. V.S. - Veterinary Surgeon.

Vt. - Vermont.

Vul. - Vulgate (Latin version of the

Bible). W. - West.

Wash. Ter. - Washington Territory. Wed. - Wednesday. West. Res. Coll. - Western Reserve


w. f. - Wrong font.

Whf. - Wharf.

W.I. - West Indies.

Wis. - Wisconsin.

Wisd. - Wisdom (Book of).

Wk. - Week.

W. Ion. - West longitude.

W.M. - Worshipful Master.

Wm. - William.

W.M. S. - Wesleyan Missionary Society.

W. N. W. - West-Northwest.

W.P. - Worthy Patriarch.

Wp. - Worship.

Wpful. - Worshipful.

W. S. - Writer to the Signet.

W. S. W. - West-Southwest.

Wt. - Weight.

W. Va. - West Virginia.

Wyo. Ter. - Wyoming Territory.

X. - Ten or tenth.

XL - Eleven.

XII. - Twelve.

XIII. - Thirteen.

XIV. - Fourteen.

XV. - Fifteen.

XVI. - Sixteen.

XVII. - Seventeen.

XVIII. - Eighteen.

XIX. - Nineteen. XX. - Twenty. XXX. - Thirty XL. - Forty. XC. - Ninety.

X. or Xt. - Christ. Xmas or Xm. - Christmas. Xn. or Xtian. - Christian. Xnty or Xty. - Christianity. Xper or Xr. - Christopher.

Yd. - Yard.

y. or ye - The.

ym - Them.

yn - Then.

y - Their; Your.

y - This.

yt - That.

Y.M.C.A. - Young Men's Christian

Association. Yrs. - Years; Yours.

Zach. - Zachary. Zech. - Zechariah. Zeph. - Zephaniah. Zool. - Zoology. Zn. - Zinc. &. - And.

etc. - Et catera, and the rest; and so forth.