Gentlemen of the Council: In meeting with yon this evening for the first time as the municipal directors of the affairs of this city, I am glad to find among you so many with whom in the past I have been permitted to sustain most pleasant business relations and social intercourse. Such relations and such intercourse it is my wish to perpetuate in our deliberations in this chamber.

We are here to-night, however, as the servants of a numerous and prosperous people, who have laid upon us the responsibility of maintaining good government. While we gather here from every section of this municipality, representing different wards, I trust that every one of us has a lively interest in the welfare of all our citizens.

There is work for us all to do. We have many things to regulate, to establish, to perform, in our official capacity. In my hands I hold the latest reports from the chiefs of the fire department, the city treasury, the health office, and the magistrates. From these I have learned facts that show the necessity of a better organization and equipment of our firemen; the judicious expenditure of our limited city funds; the cleansing of various unhealthy districts in certain wards, and a more efficient enforcement of several of our city ordinances.

It should be our duty, gentlemen, at the earliest moment, to see that these several interests are cared for, while the general good of the entire city should receive our attention throughout our term of office.

I trust that in our deliberations we may be so united in sentiment that our labors will be less arduous than if hampered by the delays and vexations of inharmonious discussions. Let us now proceed to business.