The following, according to the Colliery Engineer, are the most valuable known metals, nineteen of which are worth more than gold, their value here given being stated in avoirdupois pounds.

"Vanadium - A white metal, discovered in 1830, worth $10,000 per pound.

Rubidium - An alkaline metal, so-called, for exhibiting dark red lines In the spectrum analysis, worth $9,070 per pound.

Zirconium - A metal obtained from the minerals zircon and hyacinth, in the form of a black powder, worth $7,200 per pound.

Lithium - An alkaline metal; the lightest metal known, worth $7,000 per pound.

Glucinum - A metal in the form of a greyish black powder, worth $5,400 per pound.

Calcium - The metallic base of lime, worth $1,500 per pound.

Strontium - A malleable metal of a yellowish color, worth $1,200 per pound.

Terbium - Obtained from the mineral gado-linite, found in Sweden, worth $4,080 per pound.

Yttrium - Discovered in 1828, is of greyish black color, and its lustre perfectly metallic, worth $4,080 per pound.

Erbium - The metal found associated with yttrium, worth $3,400 per pound.

Cerium - A metal of high specific gravity, a greyish white color, with a lamellar texture, worth $3,400 per pound.

Didymium - A metal found associated with cerium, worth $3,200 per pound.

Ruthenium-Of a greyish color, very hard and brittle, extracted from the ores of platinum, worth $2,400 per pound.

Rhodium - Of a white color and metallic lustre, and extremely hard and brittle. It requires the strongest heat that can be produced by a wind furnace for its fusion, and worth $2,300 per pound.

Niobium - Previously named columbinum, first discovered in an ore found at New London, Conn., worth $2,300 per pound.

Barium - The metallic base of baryta, worth $1,800 per pound.

Palladium - A metal discovered in 1802, and found in very small grains, of a steel-grey color and fibrous structure, worth $1,400 per pound.

Osmium - A brittle, grey-colored metal, found with platinum, worth $1,300 per pound.

Iridium - Found native as an alloy with osmium in lead-grey scales, and is the heaviest of known substances, worth $ 1,090 per pound.

Gold - Found native in several countries, of great antiquity, worth $296.62 1/2 per pound.

Silver - A metal found and used since the days of Abraham, worth $18.86 per pound.