NEVER again will the roses blow For us as the roses we used to know.

Oh! never again will the wide sky hold Such wealth of glory and sunset gold;

And never again will I whisper, dear, The pleasant fancies you smiled to hear;

And never again, at the day's decline, Shall I sit with your little hand in mine,

And look at the beauty of sunset skies, And the sweeter beauty of your sweet eyes.

Never again! for the dream is done

That a word, and a look, and a touch begun.

Love, if we always could dream, ah, then! The words are as sad as "it might have been! "

For us, there is nothing but memory,

In the coming days, of what could not be!

Love, you are near me, and yet as far

As the round earth is from the fartherest star.

Kiss me and smile in my eyes once more,

Tho' your lips should quiver, and tears run o'er.

Put your hand in mine for one moment, one, And then, good-bye, for the dream is done!

538 "she isn't half so handsome as when, twenty years agone."