The President is authorized to appoint all pension-agents, who hold their respective offices for four years, unless sooner removed or suspended. Each pension-agent, whether man or woman, is required to execute an official bond, with sufficient security, for such an amount and in such form as the Secretary of the Interior may approve. The President may establish pension-agencies, not exceeding three in any State or

Territory, whenever in his judgment the public interest and the convenience of pensioners require.

Agents for paying pensions receive a commission of two per centum on all disbursements made by them to pensioners. They are also allowed, where an agent disburses $50,000 annually to pensioners, not exceeding $500 for clerk-hire, office-rent, and office expenses; where an agent disburses $100,000 annually, not exceeding $750 a year for such office expenses; and for every $50,000 additional disbursed by an agent, he or she is allowed not more than $250 a year additional income; but no agent can receive from fees and commissions more than $1,000 a year. Each agent is, however, entitled to thirty cents in full for each voucher prepared and paid by him or her, including necessary postage, which sum is paid to the United States. Pension-agents and their clerks are authorized to take and certify the affidavits of all pensioners and their witnesses who come before them for that purpose, but they receive no fee for this service. In paying a pension the pension-agent is authorized to deduct from the amount of it the attorney's fee for aiding the pensioner, as agreed upon or as prescribed by the Commissioner of Pensions, where no sum was agreed upon. For this service the pension-agent may retain thirty cents.

Pension Surgeons

The Commissioner of Pensions is authorized to organize, at his discretion, boards of examining surgeons, not to exceed three members, to examine the physical condition of pensioners or applicants for pensions in the interest of the government. In ordinary examinations each surgeon receives a fee of one dollar, and for special cases three dollars each. The Secretary of the Interior also appoints a surgeon as medical referee, who, under the control and direction of the Commissioner of Pensions, has charge of the examination and revision of the reports of examining surgeons, and performs other duties touching medical and surgical questions in the Pension-Office as the interests of the service may demand. His salary is $2,500 a year.