CRUELTY to Animals being a prevailing fault, calculated to cultivate the baser passions of man's nature, it becomes necessary, in order to counteract the same, to take individual and united action in opposition thereto. The better to accomplish a reform in this direction, the undersigned agree to form an association, and be governed in their fundamental action by the following



Article I. The title and name of this Society shall be " The Sacramento Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals." objects.

Article II. The objects of this Society are to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals within the limits of the City of Sacramento; to enforce all laws which are now or may hereafter be enacted for the protection of dumb animals, and to secure by lawful means the arrest, conviction and punishment of all persons violating such laws.


Article III. The officers of this Society shall be a President, six Vice - Presidents, a Counsel, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and an Executive Committee of nine persons, who shall constitute the Board of Directors. The President, Counsel, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be ex-offlcio members of the Executive Committee. The officers shall be elected annually by ballot, and shall hold their offices until others are elected to fill their plaoes.


Article IV. Any person, male or female, may become a member of this Society upon election by the Society, or Executive Committee, and the payment of the sum of two dollars; and the annual membership fee shall not exceed that amount.

Sec. 2. - Any person may become a life - member of this Society, upon the payment to the Treasurer of the sum of twenty-five dollars.


Article V. The annual meeting of this Society shall be held on the first Thursday in April of each year, when the annual election of officers shall take place.

Sec. 2. - Every member of the Society who has been such for ten days or more, and who is not in arrears for dues, shall be entitled to vote at the said election.

Sec. 3. - At the annual meeting the Executive Committee shall present a general report of its proceedings during the past year, and the Secretary and Treasurer shall also present their annual reports.

Sec. 4. - Special meetings of the Society may be called by the President, (or in case of his absence or inability, by one of the Vice-Presidents), and shall be so called upon the written request of fifteen members. Notice of such meeting shall be inserted in at least two daily papers of the city of Sacramento.


Article VI. The Counsel shall be the legal adviser of the Society, its Officers and Executive Committee, and shall have general charge and conduct of all suits and proceedings instituted by or against it, or them, or either of them, or in which the Society may be interested. He shall receive for his services such pecuniary compensation, or fees, as shall be determined by the Executive Committee.


Article VII. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep minutes of all the proceedings of the Society and of the Executive Committee, and to record the same in the Society's books provided for that purpose; to conduct the correspondence and keep copies thereof, and to perform such other duties as are customary for such an officer, under the direc-tlou of the Executive Committee.


Article VIII. The Treasurer shall have charge of all the funds belonging to the Society, and shall disburse the same under the direction of the Executive Committee. He shall, previous to the annual meeting of the Society, prepare and submit to the Executive Committee for audit, a detailed account of his receipts and disbursements during the past year, which annual account, duly audited, he shall present to the Society at its annual meeting.


Article IX. The Executive Committee may appoint from time to time such special agents as it may deem advisable, and shall have the power to remove the same at its pleasure.

Sec. 2. - The appointment of every agent of the Society shall be in writing, and he shall receive such pecuniary compensation for his services as may be determined by the Executive Committee.

Executive committee.

Article X. The Executive Committee shall have the management, control and disposition of the affairs, property and funds of the Society, and shall have the power to fill for the unexpired term any vacancy that may occur in any of the offices of the Society or in its own body.

8eo. 2. - No member of the Executive Committee, except the Counsel and the Secretary, shall receive or derive any salary or pecuniary compensation for his services.

Sec. 3. - The Executive Committee shall hold meetings for the transaction of business at least once in every month, and at all such meetings five members shall constitute a quorum.

alterations or amendments.

Article XI. This constitution may be altered or amended by a two-thirds vote of all the members present, at any regular or special meeting of the Society, provided such alteration or amendment has been proposed and entered on the minutes, together with the name of the member proposing it, at a previous meeting of the Society.

By - Laws.


Article 1. The hours of assembling for the stated meetings of the Society shall be as follows: From the 1st of April until the 1st of October, at eight o'clock P. M., and from the 1st of October until the 1st of April, at half-past seven o'clock, P.M.

admission of members.

Article II. The names of all persons desiring admission to this Society shall be presented to the Secretary, who shall bring the same before the members of the Society for election at any regular meeting.


Article III. It shall be the duty of agents appointed to use their utmost efforts to secure kind and gentle treatment to all dumb animals, by rigid prosecution of violation of law relating to the same.

Sec. 2. The agent shall be empowered, and is expected to use his best efforts to distribute all tracts, papers and literature placed in his hands which may be calculated to accomplish the work for which the Society is organized.

See. 3. The agent is authorized, if in a locality where no Society exists, to organize an association to be governed by such officers, and such action as will most effectually abolish cruelty to animals.

At each regular meeting of the Society, the following shall be, after calling the meeting to order, and the opening exercises, the

Order Of Business

1. Reading of the minutes.

2. Report of the Board of Directors.

3. Reports of Standing and Special Committees.

4. Reports of officers.

5. Receiving communications and bills.

6. Admission of new members, and election of officers at the annual meeting.

7. New business.

8. Reports of the Secretary and Treasurer

9. Adjournment.