Young Ladies and Gentlemen: It has fallen to my lot to become your instructor during the coming term of school, and the hope is that in our intercourse together our time spent in each others' society may be pleasant and profitable. It should be understood, in the beginning, that I have not come here to govern you. I trust you have such kindly dispositions as to make it useless for any one to come here to rule. The real mission of the teacher should be to assist, to aid pupils in acquiring an education.

While we hope it will not be necessary to have many laws established here, there is one rule that it will be very important to have observed, and that is, "the golden rule" - the doing unto others as we would have others do unto us. I expect you to do to me as you would be done by were you a teacher and I the pupil, and I will try and do the same by you.

I doubt not you all hope to grow to be men and women, having such an education as will fit you to take any place that may be assigned you in life. I expect you to have an ambition to get this learning, and having that, I expect to assist you a good deal in getting it.

Now, to accomplish what we have undertaken to perform, it will be necessary for you to do some things. And of these will be coming to the school regularly; punctuality at the opening of each session; carefully asbtaining from whispering during school-hours, and a thorough resolve that you will be perfect in your lessons.

But I will lay down no rules now. I hope and expect you will be such good pupils that few rules will be needed. We will now begin the exercises of the school.