It becomes necessary to announce to you a change of programme for the exercises of to-day. By a letter just received from the Hon. William Marsh, we learn that he cannot be with us until Thursday afternoon; and through a telegram, received a short time since, we are informed that the band must delay their coming until to-morrow. Under these circumstances we vary the arrangement of exercises considerably, but fortunately, in no sense, to the disadvantage of our audience. The fact is we have now present with us two superior vocalists, who have promised us songs; a well-known pianist, who has volunteered to furnish us instrumental music, and the time assigned this afternoon to Mr. Marsh will be occupied by Professor Holland, with a paper on " Universal Suffrage. " Earnestly desiring that our audience may be all in their seats promptly at the opening of each session, we now begin the exercises of the day.

Forms of Oral Announcements,

The most important features of the announcement being repeated, in order that time and place be thoroughly understood.

The meetings of this society during the week will be as follows: The Literary Society on Wednesday evening, at the residence of Charles N. Brown, at 88 Lincoln street - Wednesday evening, at 88 Lincoln street. The Ladies Aid Society at Mrs. Ira Minard's, 971 Maple Avenue, at two o'clock Thursday afternoon - Thursday afternoon at two o'clock. Mrs. Minard's residence is 971 Maple Avenue. The Young Folks' Prayer-meeting in the vestry of this church, Friday afternoon at three o'clock - Friday afternoon, in the church vestry.

The Patrick Henry Debating Club will hold their meeting at Everett Hall, 101 Seminary Avenue, Thursday evening, October 14. An essay by Miss Helen Williams, and a recitation by Arthur D. Cum-mings, followed by a variety of instrumental and vocal music, will be among the attractions of the occasion - Everett Hall, 101 Seminary Avenue, next Thursday evening.