Mr. President: While it is unquestionably true that the manufacturing of articles that may be sold abroad is a most prolific source of revenue and ultimate wealth to a town, it is equally important that a healthy atmosphere be about us, and that our homes, by their charming surroundings, be such as will cultivate those graces of nature which enable a people to make the right use of wealth when it is acquired. I have therefore this to suggest as a means of beautifying this city: That the inhabitants upon any street, for the space of one block, form an improvement society for that block, to do the following:

First - To take away all front fences from before dwellings.

Second - To set elms by the roadside and a sufficiency of ornamental trees to suitably shade the streets.

Third - To secure a smooth stone sidewalk, at least eight feet in width.

Fourth - To grade the front lot from the house to the roadway, and cover the same with sod.

Fifth - To have the street swept as often as may be necessary to keep it clean, and the lawns all mown and kept in excellent order.

Sixth - To have all alleys and foul places carefully cleaned, and put into a condition such as will make the atmosphere in the immediate vicinity perfectly healthy.

The taking down of fences, setting trees, and putting grounds in order, will not be, very expensive in the first place, and the keeping of them in fine condition afterwards can be done with comparatively small expense, the labor being performed by men who need this employment.

When these improvements which I have indicated are carried into effect generally, throughout the town, ours will be one of the healthiest and one of the most beautiful cities in the world.