Gentlemen: I love music, but especially that kind that wakes me in the night to assure me of the esteem, kind remembrance and hearty support of my friends in the exciting contest upon which we have entered. The poet may praise "the music of the spheres," but the stalwart warrior best delights his senses by the "music of the spears," on the eve of a great battle. These are not "piping times of peace," gentlemen, in our camp. We have our armor on, our swords by our sides, and our hands on the hilts, ready for service, keeping step with "the music of the Union," and marching on, I trust, to certain victory. Still the strains of martial music on the midnight air are very inspiriting. They serve to arouse our energies, to drive away our cares, and bid us hope for the best.

The principles involved in this campaign should be our strongest reliance. Good men may be nominated on a bad platform, and be defeated, while ordinary candidates, backed by sound political principles, to which they stand solemnly pledged, are honored by their election. It is of course best to advocate good measures and nominate good men to enforce them; but, whatever the man, let the principles of the party be such that every good citizen-voter can support them, and then our confidence in the cause will spur us on to victory. Gentlemen, I congratulate you upon the very broad and wise platform on which we base our prospects at the coming election. Your candidates may be defeated, but such defeat cannot injure or destroy your principles. Stand by them, therefore, till you have vindicated them and the justice of our cause.

Thanking you again for this delightful "concord of sweet sounds," and rejoicing in your confidence, I bid you good-night and pleasant dreams.