We may anticipate many objections that will arise, one being that | raising the price of home-made goods, similar articles will flow in from foreign countries, so that our manufacturers could not compete with low-priced goods produced by cheap labor and long hours abroad. The reply to this may be, that a tariff should protect us from this inva-sion; but, better yet, what applies to our industries here applies equally throughout all the civilized world. An International Congress, composed of representatives from all nations, should consider this matter and have a gradual reduction of working-time throughout the entire world, so that with the incoming of the labor-saving machine mankind may get the advantage of it as a labor-saver.

It is designed to benefit the world, and is should do so. As it comes forward to do our work, the hours of physical toil should be lessened accordingly, and they must be, as the permanent prosperity of any people can only be preserved when the ability to produce is balanced by an equal power to consume.