By law the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to establish stations at certain points on the Atlantic coast and the shores of the Northern lakes, for affording aid to the shipwrecked vessels and rescuing their crews and passengers.

Articles Used For Saving Life

This life-saving service is divided into seven ocean districts and three lake districts. The various stations are supplied with the requisite apparatus as may, in the judgment of the Secretary of the Treasury, be best adapted to the purposes of each station, such as life-boats, ropes, mortars for sending ropes on board wrecked vessels, contrivances for getting passengers safely on shore, etc. Each district is in charge of a superintendent, who possesses the powers and perforins the duties of an inspector of the customs for each of the coasts on which stations are established. These districts number seven on the Atlantic coast, and three on the great lakes; and each superintendent receives from the Secretary of the Treasury the proper instructions relative to the duties required of them.

Each station is in charge of a keeper, who is instructed in his duties by the Secretary of the" Treasury. At some stations experienced surfmen are engaged to assist in aiding wrecked vessels.


The law provides for the restraint, stoppage and government of all vessels arriving at seaports and inland ports from places where infectious diseases prevail, or vessels on which cases of such infectious diseases exist.

This law, the health-laws of the several States, and the regulations of the Secretary of the Treasury, are required to be duly observed by the officers of the customs-revenue of the United States, by the masters and crews of the several revenue-cutters belonging to the Government, and by the military officers commanding in any fort or station upon the coast, and all such officers of the United States must faithfully aid in the execution of such quarantines and health-laws, according to their respective powers and within their respective precincts, as directed, from time to time, by the Secretary of the Treasury.