106. Linum

(372.) L. Lewlsii, Pursh, Fl. I., 210; Trelease, Trans. St. Louis Acad. Science, V., 12.

L. perenne L. var. Lewisii, Eat. & Wright; Gray, Man., ed. VI., 102.

References under L. perenne, Linn., Part I., 89, belong here.

107. Geranium

(3094.) G. dissectum, Linn.; Gray, Man., ed. VI, 104.

Introduced in a few places in Canada. Port Arthur, west of Lake Superior. (Dr. Britton.) Vicinity of Victoria, and at Nanaimo, Vancouver Island. (Macoun.)

121. Ceanothus

(402.) C. ovatus, Desf.; Macoun, Cat. I., 96.

Along the St. Clair River east of Point Edward, Ont. (J. Deamess.)

573. Limnanthes

(2116.) L. Macounii, Trelease, Rev. of Geran.

L. Douglasii, Macoun, Cat., III., 502.

Flcerkia proserpinacoides, Macoun, Cat., I., 91, in part.

Glabrous, 2-3 inches high; divisions of the leaves 5-9, remote, 3-6 mm. long, ovate, mostly 3-cleft, their lobes broad and very acute; flowers, 4-merous, not showy as in the other species; sepals oblong, rather obtuse, enlarging somewhat in fruit; petals white (?), oblong-cuneate, erosely truncate, 3-4 mm. long; stamens about equalling the petals,.anthers 4 mm. long; fruit obovoid, 3 mm. long, with very prominent tubercles. (Trelease.)

Professor Trelease in his Revision of the Geraniacea3 made this a new species and named it after the discoverer.

115. Ilex

(395.) I. verticil lata, Gray, var. tenuifolius, Eaton & Wright.

"Both the type (Prinos verticillatus L.) and this variety are found at London. The variety (by their description) is much the commoner form, is only slightly pubescent on the veins beneath the leaves, and grows in very wet places, often in water. The type occupies drier, but still damp, places, and has the whole under surface of the leaves, woolly pubescent." (Burgess.)

121. Rhamnus

(406.) R. Purshiana, DC.; Macoun, Oat. I. 96, & III., 504.

A small tree in damp thickets in every part of Vancouver Island as far north as Comox; on the mainland as far east as Sicamous in the Gold Range, B.C. 1889. (Macoun.)