On an elm log in swampy woods, Rideau Park, Ottawa, Ont., April 28th, 1900; on earth near the Hogsback, Rideau River, near Ottawa, May 2nd, 1897. (Macoun.)

669. E. seductrix, (Hedw.) C. Muell.

On earth in woods, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont., June 26th, 1892; on old logs, Camlachie, Lambton Co., Ont., June 1901. (Macoun.)

1126. E. Sullivantii, C. Muell.; Lesq. & James' Mosses of

N. America, 313.

On logs at Edmonton, Ont., Nov. 15th, 1892; also creeping closely on rotten logs at Edmonton, Ont., Oct. 15th, 1892. (Jas. White.)

1127, E. orthocarpus, (La Pyl.) Lindb.

On an island in the Yukon River, about 10 miles below Fort Selkirk. On ground under heavy spruce forest. This species has before been reported only from Colorado and Newfoundland in North America. (Williams.)