705. C. lutescens, Bruch & Schimp.

Sheep Creek, near Juneau, Alaska. (Miss G. Cooley.) Sheep Camp, Dyea Creek, Alaska; on cotton-wood. (Williams.)

1139. C. pinnatifidum, Sulliv.& Lesq.; Lesq. & James Mosses of N. Am., p. 333.

On rotten logs, Cedar Hill, near Victoria, Vancouver Island, April 16th, 1887. Mixed with Scleropodium caespitosum. Determined by Dr. A. J. Grout. (Macoun.)

709. C. Nuttallii, Bruch & Schimp.

Skagway, Alaska. (Williams.

712. C. nitens, (Schreb.) Schimp.

In a bog at Galt, Ont., June, 28th, 1901. (Macoun.) Lake Linde-man, sterile; mouth of Little Salmon River in fruit; at Dawson, Yukon, common and fruiting abundantly. Capsules in fine condition, June 18th, 1899. (Williams.)

1140. C. arenarium, Lesq.; Lesq. & James Mosses of N.Am. 333.

On the sand spit at Comox, Vancouver Island, July 3rd, 1893. (Macoun.)