On earth about ledges of rock, Lake Lindeman, Yukon, 1899. (Williams.)

62. c. polycarpum, Schimp.

On damp rocks, at Cache Lake and Brule Lake, Algonquin Park, 1900. (Macoun) On rocks at Seal Lake and Fort. Chimo, Labrador, 1896. (A. P. Low.) Common on rock on Upper Dyea Creek, Alaska; also just over the Coast Range on streams flowing into Lake Lindeman, Yukon, 1899. (Williams.)

Subsp. fallax, Limpr.

On rocks, Newfoundland. (Waghorne)

63. c. strumiferum, Ehrh.

Specimens collected on the North Arm of Burrard Inlet, B.C. and on Salt Spring Island, Gulf of Georgia, belong here though placed under C. polycarpum in the Cat. Can. Musci, page 17. On damp rocks near Victoria, Vancouver Island, May, 1893 (Macoun) Clearwater Lake, Labrador, 1896. (A. P. Low) Lake Lindeman, Yukon, in crevices of rock. (Williams.)

965. C. torquescens, (Bruch.) Limpr.

On thin earth over rock, Lake Lindeman; on rock at Dawson, Yukon, 1899. (Williams)


64. O. virens, Swartz.

Cynodontium virens, Schimp. Cat. Can. Musci., Pt. VI., 17.

On earth at Fort Chimo, Hudson Strait, 1896. (A. P. Low.) On earth near Fort Assiniboine, Athabasca River, Sept. 1872.; on old logs, Jumping Pound Creek, Alta., Rooky Mountain, 1897. (Macoun) About springs between lakes Lindeman and Bennett, Yukon, 1899. (Williams)

Var. serratus, (B. & S.) Limpr.

On earth along streams flowing into Lake Lindeman, Yukon, 1899. (Williams)

Var. nigrescens, (Schimp.) Williams.

A depressed blackish variety growing on the margin of an alpine pond just below snow banks sbout 1,000 feet above Lake Lindeman, Yukon, 1899. (Williams.)

65. O. Wahlenbergii, Brid.

Cynodontium Wahlenbergii, (Brid.) Can. Cat. Musci., Part VI., 18.

Dr. Bell's specimen from Hudson Strait, belongs here and not to 0. virens. On decaying logs at Margaree, and on sand, Half Way Brook, Cape Breton Island, N.S., 1898; on old logs near Hull and Meech's Lake, Que. (Macoun.) On old logs at Kingston, Ont., 1881. (Prof. Fowler.) On earth, Fort Chimo, Labrador, 1896. (A. P. Low.) Abundant on dead sticks and rotten wood, Cāche Lake, Algonquin Park, June, 1900. (Macowi.) Common about Dawson, Yukon, on old stumps and logs in fine tufts up to 6 cm. high. (Williams.)