66. D. pellucidum, Schimp.

On earth, Port Etches, Lat. 60° 30', Alaska, 1892; Unalaska, Behring Sea, 1891. (J. M. Macoun.) On wet rocks, Louisburg, Cape Breton Island, N.S., 1898; shore of Shawnigan Lake, Vancouver Island, 1893. (Macoun.)

Subsp. fagimontanum, Braithw.

Rocks of Portage River, near the Columbia, Rocky Mountains, No. 108. (Drummond.)

67. D. flavescens, (Dicks.) Lindb.

The specimens appearing under this species in Part VI. are now divided between this and the next, as below.

Mount Albert, Gaspé Co., Que., and at Forteau, Labrador, Lat. 570. (J. A. Allen.) Port Etches, Alaska, Lat. 60° 30', June 18th,

1892. (J. M. Macoun.) Shore of Shawnigan Lake, near Victoria, and on a bank by the sea at Comox, Vancouver Island,

1893. (Macoun)

966. D. Subflaveseens, Kindb. in Hedwigia, 1896, 59.

Leaves channelled from suboblong base tapering to an attenuate acumen, serrate often to below the middle, long distant nearly smooth; cells and costa as in the last. Capsule symmetric, erect; teeth nearly purplish; pedicel low, pale red. Peri-chetial leaves narrower than the others, long-acuminate and generally subulate; the upper part of the acumen nearly filled by the percurrent or excurrent costa. Perigonial leaves large and long-acuminate. Leaves of male plants sometimes obtuse. Tufts very tomentose up to the green tips. Often tall.

On wet rocks, Telegraph Trail, west of Fraser River, Lat. 54o, B.C., June 10th, 1875; on wet clay soil in a railway cutting at Hastings, near Vancouver, B.C., April, 1889; on wet rocks, Gold-stream and Nanaimo, June, 1893, and on Mount Arrowsmith, Vancouver Island, July 17th, 1887; alt. 5,500 feet. (Macoun.)

(66.) D. pellucidum, Schimp.

Atkah Island and Ounalaska, Behring Sea, 1891. (J. M. Macoun.) White Bay, Newfoundland. (Rev. A. Waghorne.)

Var. fagi-montanum, Braithw.

Dicranum pellucidum, Drumm. Musc. Bor. - Am-, No. 108.

Bocks of Portage River near the Columbia, Rocky Mountains. (Drummond.)

(66.) D. pellucidum, Schimp.; Lesq. & James, Mosses of N. America, 62; Canadian Musci No. 451.

On earth, Queen's Co., N.B. (Moser.) On earth along Hunter's River, Prince Edward Island, 1888; on wet rock, Madeline River, Gaspé, Que., 1882; on stones in Sydenham River, Owen Sound, Ont.; on stones in Eagle River at Griffin's Lake, Gold Range, B.C., 1889; on stones in brooks at Revelstoke, B.C., 1890; on stones at Goldstream, Vancouver Island, 1887; on stones in a brook, eastward in Roger's Pass, Selkirk Mountains, and at Hector, Rocky Mountains. (Macoun). Disco Island. (Fl. Gr.)

Var. fagimontanum, Braithw. British moss-flora 163.

In mud by a brook at Hector, Rocky Mountains, Aug. 14th, 1890, (Macoun.)

(67.) D. flavescens, Lindb. in Botan. notiser 1878, p. 113; Canadian Musci No. 402.

D. pellucidum, Schimp. var. serratum, Schimp.; Lesq. & James, Mosses of N. America, 62.

Mount Albert, Gaspé Co., Que., and at Forteau, Labrador, lat. 57°. (J. A. Allen.) Blackwater River, northern British Columbia, 1875; wet cuttings along the C. P. Railway, east of Hastings, and at Yale, B.C., 1889; wet slopes of Mount Arrowsmith, Vancouver Island, 1887; on stones and wet rocks along the Columbia, one mile above Revelstoke, B.C., 1890. (Macoun.)