(3103.) R. Engelmanni, Watson; Gray, Man. ed. VI., 162.


Whiskey Island, Lake Huron, shores of Lake Superior, and west to the Bed River Valley. (Watson.) The specimens from Whiskey Island were collected by Dr. John Bell in 1866. Other specimens gathered on Burnt Island, Lake Nepigon, in 1884, are also referred here by Mr. G. N. Best, Rosemount, New Jersey. Mr. Best, however, believes that both the Nepigon specimens and all my specimens of R. Sayii, belong to R. acicularis, Lindl., or var. Bourgeauiana, Crepin.

(2135.) R. Sayii, Schwein; Macoun, Cat. III., 520.

Whether this rose retains this name, or is placed under some other, we now know that it is our most northern rose, and extends from the Gulf of St. Lawrence to Lake Mistassini, Severn River, Upper Liard River, and the Lewes River, a branch of the Yukon, in Lat. 62°.

(2138.) For R. Woodsii, Wat., read R. Woodsii, Lindl.

Note. - Mr. G. N. Best, of Rosemount, New Jersey, has examined all our mounted specimens of the genus Rosa, and has made a number of changes in our arrangement of specimens under certain species. As he has taken copious notes, and intends to publish them with other notes on roses, we make no changes except in the above instances (R. Sayii and R. Engelmanni), and in the following: R. Califomica and R. micrantha must be cancelled, the latter going to R. rubiginosa, and the specimens retained in Part. III., 520, under the former, are referred doubtfully to R. pisocarpa.