(678.) C. coccinea, Linn.; Macoun, Cat. I., 147.

Since the publication of Part I. this species has been greatly extended, and now includes much of 0. tomentosa, Gray, Man., ed. V., 160.

Var. macracantha, Dudley; Gray, Man., ed. VI., 165. C. tomentosa, Macoun, Cat., L, 147, in part.

This includes all C. tomentosa from Nova Scotia to west of Manitoba, except specimens from the south-western part of Ontario at Amherst-burgh and Point Edward.

Var. mollis, Torr. & Gray; Man., ed. VI., 165.

C. subvillosa, Schrad.; Macoun, Cat., 1,147.

C. tomentosa, Linn., var. mollis, Gray, Man., ed. V., 160.

Queenston Heights and westward along Lake Erie to Amherstburgh, Ont. (Macoun.)

(3104.) C. punctata, Jacq.; Gray, Man., ed. VI., 166. (1890.) C. tomentosa, var. punctata, Gray; Macoun, Cat. I., 147.

All the large fruited, small-leaved forms of C. tomentosa, belong here. The C. Crus-galli of all localities east of Hamilton, should be referred here, as that species is confined to south-western Ontario.