(81.) D. hyperboreum, (Guun.) Smith; Greenland Flora, 386. Disco, Greenland. (Fl Gr.)

(82.) D. fulvellum, Smith; Lesq. & James, Mosses of N. America, 68.

Greenland. (Fl. Gr.)

(83.) D. molle, Wils.; Braithw. British Moss Flora, 144.

D. arcticum, Schimp. Bryol. Eurof. ed. 2, 93.

Tufts large, dense 6-15 cm. high, yellow-green or olivaceous above, fuscescent below. Stem eradiculose. Leaves erecto-patent, straight, glossy, oblong-lanceolate, nearly entire; cells narrow-linear, the angular quadrate, orange; costa narrow, vanishing at the apex. Capsule oblong-cylindric, cernuous incurved substrumose not striate, fuscescent; annulus simple; lid short-beaked.; peristome purple. Monoecious; male inflorescmse close to the perichaetium.

Allied to D. Starkii, but the capsule is greater, and the costa not excurrent. Greenland. (FL Gr.)

(84.) D. Starkii, Web. & Mohr.; Lesq. & James, Mosses of N. America, 68; Canadian Musci, No. 30; Drumm. Musc. Bor. - Am.

No. 83.

Rocks upon the "Height of Land," Rocky Mountains. (Drummond.) On wet rocks, Mount Albert, Gaspé Co., Que.; on the faces of perpendicular rocks Mount Benson, Mount Arrowsmith and Mount Mark, Vancouver Island, 1881; on flat rocks, mountains north of Griffin Lake in the Gold Range, also on rocks at the Asulcan Glacier, Selkirk Mountains, B.C. (Macoun.) Smith's Sound. (Br. Kane.)

(85.) D. Blyttii, Bruch & Schimp.; Lesq. & James, Mosses of N. America, 68; Canadian Musci, No. 32.

In a peat bog at Salt Lake, Anticosti, 1883; damp rocks, Mount Benson, Vancouver Island, 1887; on rocks at the "Hot Springs," Kootanie Lake, B.C.; alt. 4,500 feet, and at the Asulcan Glacier, Selkirk Mountains. (Macoun.) Upernivik, Greenland. (Fl. Gr.)

(86.) D. Strictum, Schleich.; Lesq. & James, Mosses of N. America,

69 ; Canadian Musci, No. 33.

D. elongatum, var minor, Drumm. Mus. Bor. - Am., No. 81.

Quite common on decaying logs, especially westward. Decayed trunks, Lake Superior, 1848. (Agassiz.) Porcupine Mountains, Man., 1881; St. John's, Peace River, and Lesser Slave Lake, N.W.T., 1872; Comox, Cedar Hill and Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, 1887; at Sicamous, Yale, Hastings, Agassiz and North Arm of Burrard Inlet, B.C., 1889; on bases of trees at Revelstoke, and rotten wood at Deer Park, Lower Arrow Lake, Columbia River, B.C., 1890. (Macoun.) Decayed trunks, Tobique River, N.B. (Hay.) On decayed wood, rare. (Drummond.)

(87.) D. montanum, Hedw.; Lesq. & James, Mosses of N. America, 69; Canadian Musci, No. 34.

Abundant on decaying trunks and bases of standing trees, eastward. On trees in woods, Newfoundland. (Rev. A. Waghorne.) Pictou Co., N.S. (McKay.) Tay, York Co.; also Canaan Forks, N.B. (J. Moser., Miquelon Island. (Delaware.) On logs, Tobique River, N.B. (Hay.) Rotten wood, Bass River, and Fredericton, N.B. (Fowler.') Old logs, Rustico Bay and Hunter's River, Prince Edward Island, 1888; in woods, Gaspé Co., Que., and at Leamy's Lake, near Hull, Que.; on bases of trees at Belleville, Sudbury Junction and near Otter Head, Lake Superior; shore of Lake Huron near Wiarton and Nepigon House, Lake Nepigon, Ont.; on old logs, Manitoba House, Lake Manitoba, 1881. (Macoun.)

(88.) D. fulvum, Hook; Lesq. & James, Mosses of N. America,

70 ; Canadian Musci, No. 37.

On boulders, chiefly in damp woods. Tay, York Co., N.B. (J. Moser.) On rocks, Tobique River, N.B. (Hay.) Halifax Co., N.S. (McKay.) On rocks in woods at Sudbury Junction, Ottawa, Belleville and Wooler, Ont. (Macoun.) On rocks, Riviére Rouge, Argenteuil Co., Que. (D' Urban.)

(89.) D. viride, Schimp.; Lesq. & James, Mosses of N. America,

69 ; Canadian Musci, No. 35.

Quite common, but always barren, on the bases of growing trees and old lying logs in woods. Green Harbour, Newfoundland. (Rev. A. Waghorne.) On trees, Canaan Forks, Queen's Co., N.B. (J. Moser.) On trees, Rustico Bay, Prince. Edward Island, 1888; very common at Ottawa, Belleville, Owen Sound and throughout Ontario; near Morley in the Rocky Mountains, 1885. (Macoun.) Common in pulvinate buttons on trees, Nixon's Pond, London, Ont. (J. Dearness.)

(90.) D. flagellare, Hedw.; Lesq. & James, Mosses of N.America,

70; Canadian Musci, No. 36.

D. strictum, Drumm. Musc. Bor. - Am. No. 81. Very common on decaying logs in damp woods. On fallen timber about Lake Superior. etc. (Drummond.) On decaying logs, St. John, N.B. (Fowler's Cat.) Tay, York Co.; and Canaan Forks, Queen's Co., N.B. (J. Moser.) Quite common at Sudbury Junction, Ottawa, Belleville, Wooler and throughout Ontario; on logs, Manitoba House, Lake Manitoba; Lesser Slave Lake, N.W.T.; and Quesnel, B.C., 1875. (Macoun.) On logs near London, Ont. (J. Dearness.)

(91.) D. Miquelonense, Ren. & Card., Coulter's Bot. Gaz. Vol. XIV., 93.

In small, compact, yellowish-green tufts. Stems dichotomous, radi-culose below, 1-3 cm. long. Leaves small, short, erect-imbricate or slightly incurved, oblong-lanceolate, acute or obtuse concave, entire or minutely sinuate-denticulate at apex, 2-3 mm. long, .50-.75 mm. broad; costa vanishing near the apex, smooth or scarcely rugose at back. Cells of the areolation smooth, small, short, quadrate or irregularly angular in the upper half, rectangular, 1-3 times longer than broad, thin-walled toward the base, the alar lax, large, quadrate or sub-hexagonal, brown or yellowish. Fruit unknown.

Bather resembling in habit the stunted forms of D. elongatum, Schw., and D. Groenlandieum, Brid., but quite distinct by the form and areolation of the leaves. It has also some affinities with D. flagellare, Hedw.

On ground and rock, Miquelon Island, Gulf of St. Lawrence, (Delamare.)

(92.) D Crcenlandicum, Brid.

D. tenuinerve, Zett.; Coulter's Bot. Gaz. Vol. XIV. 99. D. Labradoricum, C. Muell.

Miquelon Island. (Delamare.) Mansfield Island, Hudson Strait. (B. Bell.) In bogs, Jupiter River, Anticosti. (Macoun.) Labrador and Greenland. (Kindb.)