Dicranum stenodictyon, Kindb., Bull. Torr. Bot. Club, Vol. XVI. 92.

Plants densely tufted, about 2 cm. high, nearly eradiculose, blackish with straw-yellow tops, in color and habit resembling Hypnum sar-mentosum. Leaves appressed when dry, not undulate nor crisped, when moist suberect, straight, nearly flat, from an oblong, below narrowed base, short-acuminate obtuse, crenulate, principally above the middle; cells thick-walled, not porose, the outer alar, subquadrate brown-yellow, the inner hyaline, the other cells lanceolate or the upper oblong, the apical sometimes oval; costa simply dentate at the back above, very narrow and only at the base dilated, vanishing in the acumen. Barren.

This peculiar species differs from our Dicrana principally in the crenulate not properly serrate leaves, which are also very short; it agrees nearly to Monocranum dicranoides, 0. Muell., found near Valdivia, in Chili, having a peristome, differing from the dicranoid type in the teeth being entire, not cleft; the leaves are long-acuminate.

On earth in woods west of the Fraser River, on the Telegraph Trail at Quesnel, B.C., June 5th, 1875. (Macoun.)