226. Osmorrhiza

(861.) O. occidentalis, Torr. Mex. Bound. Rep., 71. Glycosma occidentalis, Nutt.; Macoun, Cat., I., 183.

This species with others have been united to Osmorrhiza by Coulter & Rose, in their late revision.

230. Licusticum

(3122.) L. Crayi, C. & R, Rev. of N. Amer. Umbell., 88.

"Stems 1 to 2 feet high, with leaves all nearly radical, and glabrous inflorescence; leaves ternate then pinnate; rays, with involucels of several narrowly linear elongated bractlets; rays, 1 to 2 inches long; pedicels 2 to 4 lines long, with short conical stylopodia, and narrow, prominent almost winged ribs; oil-tubes 3 to 5 in the intervals, 8 on the commissural side; seed strongly flattened dorsally, with angled back, and face but slightly concave, with no central ridge." Very abundant on the summit of the Gold Range at Griffin Lake, B.C., Aug., 1889. (Macoun.)

584. oeNanthe

(2206.) oe. sarmentosa, Presl; DC, Prodr. IV., 138; Macoun, Cat. III., 537.

Very common in ditches and marshy places throughout Vancouver Island; also common in the Fraser Valley west of Yale, B.C. (Macoun.)

775. Conioselinum, Fisch

(886.) C. Canadense, Torr. & Gray, Fl. I., 619.

References under Selinum Canadense, Part I., 184, belong here.

232. Angelica

(869.) A. genuflexa, Nutt.; Torr. & Gray, Fl. I., 620; Macoun, Cat. I., 185.

Abundant at Griffin Lake, Sicamous, Agassiz, and other localities to the coast at Burrard Inlet, B.C.; also at Qualicum and Alberni, Vancouver Island. (Macoun.)

(871.) A. atropurpurea, Linn., Spec, 251.

References under Archangelica atropurpurea, Hoffm., Part. I., 185, belong here.

(873.) A. hirsuta, Muhl., Cat. ed. II., 30.

References under Archangelica hirsuta, Torr. & Gray; Macoun, Cat. I., 186, belong here.

776. Ccelopleurum, Ledeb., Fl. Ross. II., 361

(872.) C. Cmelini, Ledeb.; C. & R. Rev. ofN. Amer. Umbell, 90. Archangelica Gmelini, DC.; Macoun, Cat. L, 186.

Along both sides of Burrard Inlet, and common on the coast of Vancouver Island; also at Brackley Point, Prince Edward Island. (Macoun.)