On rocks.

Greenland. (Arct. Man.) Arctic America. (Richardson.) Melville Island. (R. Brown.) Nottingham Island, Hudson Strait. (Dr. R. Bell.) On rocks, Fort Chimo, Ungava Bay, Labrador, Aug., 1896. (A. P. Low.) Newfoundland. (Pylaie.) St. John, N.B. (J. Moser) Southwest Point, Anticosti, Que.; falls of the Madeline River, Gaspé Co., Que.; on a large boulder, Governor's Bay, Rockliffe Park, Ottawa, Ont.; abundant around Lake Nipigon and Lake Superior; on rocks, Cypress Hills, Assa., and at the "elbow" of the South Saskatchewan, Assa.; in woods at Banff and along Jumping Pound Creek, Rocky Mountains; at Deer Park, Lower Arrow Lake, Columbia River, B.C.; Mount Benson, near Nanaimo, Vancouver Island. (Macoun.) Buffalo Lake, Lat. 56o, north of Ile a la Crosse, Atha. (J. M. Macoun.) Harble-down Island, Gulf of Georgia, B.C, (Dr. G. M. Dawson.) Islands of Behring Strait. (Wright.) Alaska. (Turner.)

Var. traehyphyllum, Tuckerm.

On boulders in the Cypress Hills, Assa., June 10th, 1884. (J. M. Macoun.)

180. P. murorum, (Hoffm.) DC.

On rocks, Greenland. (Arct. Man.) Labrador or Newfoundland. (Waghome fide Eckfeldt.) On rocks, Arctic America. (Richardson.) On sandstone rocks, "elbow " of South Saskatchewan, Assa., July 18th, 1879; abundant on sandstone rocks, Wood Mountain, Assa., June 10th, 1895. (Macoun.)

181. P. fulgens, (Sw.) DC.

On calcareous soils, Greenland. (Vahl.) On earth along Old Wives' Creek, Assa., May 23rd, 1895. (Macoun.)

3 82. P. cirrochroum, (Ach.) Hepp.

Labrador or Newfoundland. (Waghorne fide Eckfeldt.)

183. P. aurantiacum, (Lightf.) Naeg. & Hepp.

On dead wood, trees and rocks,

Greenland. (Arct. Man.) Arctic America. (Richardson.) Labrador or Newfoundland. (Waghorne fide Eckfeldt.) On driftwood, Gunn River, Anticosti, Que.; on bark of trees, Truro, N.S.; on rocks and trees, not rare, around Ottawa, Ont.; on bark of trees, Lake Nipigon, Ont.; on Alnus rubra, along the sea at Comox, Vancouver Island. (Macoun.) On driftwood, Blankensof Bay, Gulf of Georgia, B.C. (Dr. G. M. Dawson)

184. P. rupestre, (Scof.) Br. & Rostr.

On calcareous rocks, St. Anne des Monts River, Gaspé Co., Que., Aug. 17th, 1882. (Macoun)

185. P. cerinum, (Hedw.) Naeg. & Hepp.

Common on trees, dead wood and mosses.

Greenland. (Ant. Man) Labrador or Newfoundland. (Wag-home fide Eckfeldt) On trunks, Rigaud Mountain, Vaudreuil Co., Que. (Rev. G. Ducharme) Arctic America. (Richardson.) On bark of various trees at Baddeck and Margaree, Cape Breton Island, N.S., July, 1898; on birch bark, Algonquin Park, Ont., June, 1900; on bark of aspen poflar at Belleville, Hastings Co., Ont.; along Nipigon River, Ont.; on the Porcupine Hills, Man., and in the Moose Mountains, Assa.; along Red Deer River, Man.; Athabasca River, Lat. 55o; on moss on rocks at Lytton, B.C.; on bark of maples at Hastings, Burrard Inlet, B C; on bark at Comox, Vancouver Island. (Macoun.)

Var. pyracea, Nyl.

Labrador or Newfoundland. (Waghornefide Eckfeldt.) On old cedar trunks in Dow's swamp, Ottawa, Ont., May 2nd, 1896; on bark of small maples at Hastings, British Columbia, April, 1889. (Macoun) On bark, Nagai Island, Shumigan Group, Alaska, Sept. 18th, 1892. (J. M. Macoun.) Icy Cape, Arctic Ocean, Alaska. (Rothrock)

Var. pyracea, Nyl. forma, ulmicola, DC.

Caloflaca pyracea, f.ulmicola, DC.

Very abundant on dead Negundo aceroides on the banks of Old Wives' Creek, near Old Wives' Lake, Assa., and at the forks of the creek, June 2nd, 1895. (Macoun)

186. p. Jungermanniae, (Vahl) Tuckerm.

On earth and upon mosses.

Greenland. (Vahl.) Arctic America, Great Bear Lake. (Richardson.) On earth in Bow River Pass at Banff, and on Castle Mountain, Rocky Mountains; on moss along Bragg's Creek and on Moose Mountain, Rocky Mountains; on earth, Telegraph Trail, B.C. (Macoun.) On earth Unalaska Island, Behring Sea, Aug., 1891. (J. M. Macoun.) Islands of Behring Strait. (Wright.)

187. P. nivale, (Koerb.) Tuckerm. On mosses, Greenland. (Brentel.)

188. p. sinapispermum, (Auct.) Hepp.

On mosses in arctic and alpine regions.

Greenland. (Vahl) On earth, Clearwater Lake, Labrador, 1896. (A. P. Low.) On earth along Jumping Pound Creek, Rocky Mountains, June, 1897; on earth in the Bow River Pass, Rocky Mountains; along the Telegraph Trail, Blackwater River, B.C. (Macoun) Islands of Behring Strait. (Wright)

189. p. tetraspora, (Nyl.)

On earth in Greenland. (Branth.) On earth, Moose Mountain, Rocky Mountains, alt. 6,500 feet, July 3rd, 1897. (Macoun)

190. P. ferrugineum, (Huds.) Hepp.

On dead wood, rocks and mosses.

Greenland. (Vahl.) In Alaska. (Dr. Kellogg.) On bark of black ash trees in a swamp at Baddeck, Cape Breton Island, N.S.,July, 1898; on earth and rocks at Banff, Rocky Mountains; on earth at Hector, Rocky Mountains; on poflar bark, Sea's farm, near Victoria, Vancouver Island. (Macoun.) On earth,,St. Paul Island and Unalaska Island, Behring Sea. (J. M. Macoun) Port Clarence, Alaska, and elsewhere; not rare. (Rothrock)

Var. discolor, Willey.

On ash bark at the mouth of the Madeline River, Gaspé Co., Aug. 5th, 1882; on black ash bark at Baddeck, Cape Breton Island, N.S., July 9th, 1898. (Macoun.)

191. p. crenulatum, (Wahlenb.) Tuckerm.

Maritime rocks, Greenland. (Vahl.) Labrador or Newfoundland. (Waghorne fide Eckfeldt.) Sitka, Alaska. (Rothrock)

192. p. variabile, (Pers.) Nyl. Port Clarence, Alaska. (Rothrock)

193. P. vitellinum, (Ehrh.) Naeg. & Hepp.

On dead wood and rocks.

Labrador or Newfoundland. (Waghorne fide Eckfeldt.) Greenland. (Arct. Man) At Fort Franklin, Arctic America. (Richardson) North Bluff, Hudson Strait. (Dr. R. Bell.) On rocks, Ste. Anne des Monts River, Gaspé Co., Que., Aug. 19th, 1882; on old rails, in great profusion, Brighton, Ont., common on old rails and boulders around Ottawa, Ont.; and on boulders at Aylmer, Que., 1900. (Macoun.) Behring Strait. (Wright.) Port Clarence, Alaska. (Rothrock.)

Var. aurellum, Ach.

Labrador or Newfoundland. (Waghorne fide Eckfeldt.) On rocks, Canada. (A. T. Drummond.) On rocks, Ste. Anne des Monts River, Gaspé Co., Que., Aug. 19th, 1882; on boulders around Ottawa, Ont., not rare. (Macoun.)

Var. octosporum, Nyl.

On earth, north shore of Hudson Strait, Aug., 1897. (Dr. R. Bell) On rocks near Hogsback, Ottawa, Ont., May 2nd, 1895, and on bark of cedar rails near Ottawa, Ont., April 14th, 1897. (Macoun)