(3066.) N. tetragona, Georgi, Reiseim. Russ. Reichs, I., 220.


Castalia tetragona, Lawson, Trans. Roy. Soc. Can., VI., sec. iv., 112.

C. pygmsea, Salisb. Parad. Lond. t, 68.

Nymphsea pygmsea, Ait. Hort. Kew., ed. 2., III., 293.

Dr. Britton of Columbia College, New York, after a careful examination of all available specimens has satisfied himself that this species is quite distinct from N. odorota var. minor, Sims. He says: - "The plant may at once be distinguished from the eastern N. odorota var. minor, by the oblong leaves, sometimes nearly twice as long as broad, with narrow, acutish lobes, and the flowers still smaller with 7 to 8 rayed stigma." Misinaibi River, Northern Ontario, 1879. (R. Bell.) In ponds along the Severn River, Keewatin, 1886. (J. M. Macoun.)

(93.) N. reniformis, DC; Gray, Man., Ed. VI., 56. (1890.)

References under N. tuberosa, Paine; Gray, Man., ed. V., 56 (1867); Macoun, Cat., I., 31, belong here.