371. Allotropa

(1421.) A. virgata, Torr. & Gray; Macoun, Cat. II., 307.

Quite common in gravelly soil everywhere around Goldstream and in woods at Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, 1887. (Macoun.)

373. Hipopitys

(3150.) H. fimbriata, Gray, Proced. Amer. Acad., VIII., 629.

Quite common in coniferous woods along the Little Qualicum River and on the slopes of mounts Mark and Arrowsmith, Vancouver Island, 1887. (Macoun.)

377. Primula

(1430.) P. Sibirica, Jacq.; Macoun, Cat. II., 310.

Sea shore below high-water mark, west coast of Hudson Bay, Aug., 1886. (J. M. Macoun.)

(3151.) P. Egaliksensis, Hornem.; Gray, Synop. Fl. I., 399.

Shore of Charlton Island, James Bay, July, 188V. (J. M. Macoun.)

380. Dodecatheon

(3152,) D. frigidum, Cham. & Schlecht.; Gray, Bot. Gaz., XL, 233. D. Meadia, Linn., var.frigidum, Macoun, Cat. II, 312.

Crevices of rocks, summit of Mount Arrowsmith, alt. 5700 feet, Vancouver Island, 1887. (Macoun.)

(3153.) D. Hendersonj, Gray, Bot. Gaz., XL, 233.

D. Meadia, Linn., var. macrocarpum, Macoun, Cat. II, 312. References credited, in Part II, to Dawson, Hill, Fletcher and Macoun, belong here.

(3154.) D. Jeffreyi, Moore; Gray, Bot. Gaz., XL, 232. D. Meadia, Linn., var. laneifolium, Macoun, Cat. II, 312.

On an island in the Fraser at Kanaka Bar, B.C. (Hill.) Abundant on mountains at Lytton, and Spence's Bridge, B.C , 1889. (Macoun.)

386. Centunculus

(1453.) C. minimus, Linn.; Macoun, Cat. II, 315.

In boggy places, at Mount Stewart and Brackley Point, Prince Edward Island; in a pond on the Indian Reservation at Kamloops, B.C.; quite common at Sproat Lake and Alberni, on the west coast of Vancouver Island. (Macoun.)

783. Vinca, Linn. (Periwinkle.)

(3155.) V. minor, Linn.; Hooker, Student's Flora, 268.

Escaped from gardens to roadsides at Kingston, Ont. (T. Walker.)

391. Asclepias

(1466.) A. speciosa, Torr.; Macoun, Cat., II., 319.

Very common in the valley of the Thompson River, B.C., from Shuswap Lake to Lytton, on gravel benches and amongst sand, 1889. (Macoun.)