(1488.) C. glauca, Pall.; Macoun, Cat., II., 323.

Quite common on the summit of the Gold Range, north of Griffin Lake, B.C., altitude 7000 feet, 1889. (Macoun.)

(1492.) G. sceptrum, Griseb.; Macoun, Cat., II., 323.

In Westwood's swamp at the base of Mount Benson and in small swamps at Departure Bay, Nanaimo, and at Sproat Lake, Alberni, Vancouver Island; also on Lulu Island at the mouth of the Eraser River, B.C., 1889. (Macoun.)

(1499.) G. linearis, Froel., var. latifolia, Gray, Proced. Amer. Acad., XIV., 309.

This variety differs from the var. lanceolata, Part II., 325, in having broad leaves, less tapering at the base and being more like a form of G. alba than G. linearis. Ten or twelve miles north of St. Stephen, Charlotte Co., N.B. ( Vroom.) Kaministiquia River at Fort William, west of Lake Superior, 1889. (Dr. Britton.) The references to G. alba in Part II., 324, all, or nearly all, belong here. In Gray's Man., ed. VI., 351, the flowers are said to be blue. None of our specimens are that color, and the type of the variety was not blue.

Var. lanceolata, Gray; Macoun, Cat., II., 325.

Along Rupert River, between' Lake Mistassini and James Bay, N.E.T., 1885. (J. M. Macoun.)