460. Boschniakia

(1121.) B. Hookeri, Walp.; Macoun, Cat. II., 374 & III., 578.

Abundant on the roots of Gaultheria Shallon, near the base of Mount Benson, Nanaimo; also in woods along the Little Qualicum River, Vancouver Island, 1887. The greater number of the specimens were bright purple, but a few were quite pale. (Macoun.)

462. Utricularia

(1732.) U. minor, Linn.; Macoun, Cat. II., 375.

In a marsh at Mount Stewart, Prince Edward Island. 1888. (Macoun.)

(1733.) U. gibba, Linn.; Macoun, Cat. II., 375.

In a muddy bay off a large pond at Westminster, near London, Ont. (Dearness.)

463. Pincuicula

(1131.) P. villosa, Linn.; Macoun, Cat. II, 376.

Frances River, Lat. 61°, N.W.T. 1887. (Dawson.)

468. Verbena

(1748.) V. bracteosa, Miohx.; Macoun, Cat. II., 319 & III., 574.

On the shore of the river east of Point Edward, Ont., 1889. (Dearness.) Quite common at Spence's Bridge and Kamloops, B.C. 1889. (Macoun.)

470. Teucrium

(2203.) T. occidentale, Gray; Macoun, Cat., III., 574.

Low ground, London, Ont. 1880. (Burgess.) Amongst gravel along the Thompson River at Spence's Bridge, B.C. 1889. (Macoun.)

(3169.) T. Botrys, Linn.; Hook., Stud. Fl. 331.

Introduced. Roadside near London, Ont. 1888. (Dearness.)

(1750.) T. Canadense, Linn.; Macoun, Cat. II., 380.

Sandy woodlands at Point Pelee, Essex Co., Ont. 1886. (Burgess.) The localities mentioned under this No. in Part II., 380, belong partly to T. Canadense and partly to T. occidentale. In the absence of specimens, we cannot tell which is meant.

788. Elsholtzia, Willd

(3170.) E. cristata, Willd.

This is a curious exotic labiate, a native of Europe, and belonging near our genus Gollinsonia. Found growing in a clearing near a mill at Notre Dame du Lac, on the shore of Lake Temiscouata, Q. 1887. There was no doubt but that it was introduced. (John L. Northrop.)

476. Pycnanthemum

(2205.) P. muticum, Pers., var. pilosum, Gray; Macoun, Cat, III., 574.

Very common in old fields, woodlands and along roadsides near Leamington, Essex Co., Ont. 188G. (Burgess.)