(2082.) P. nigra, Link.; Macoun, Cat. III., 468.

Since the publication of Part III., we have made extensive collections in Prince Edward Island, and having observed the so-called species, P. nigra and P. rubra, growing together, we are satisfied that they are distinct enough to be separated as a species and variety. In Gray, Man., ed. VI., 492, P. rubra is admitted as a variety, and we now write it as: -

Var. rubra, Engel.; Gardn. Chron. (KS.), XI., 1879.

Differs from the species in having darker and larger leaves; larger, bright red-brown cones, which are more readily deciduous after maturity. (Engelm.) It is more than probable that in the far Northwest we have a species or variety that is also distinct from the typical eastern P, nigra. This form has large ovoid cones, which arc deep purple, and without the brownish tint of those from the east.