(3110.) C. Bolanderi, Hegelm; Bot. Calif., II., 77.

Abundant in muddy pools at Alberni, and along Somas River, on the west coast of Vancouver Island, 1887; also at Hastings, Port Moody, and Agassiz, B.C. 1889. (Macoun.)

(2147.) C. autumnalis, Linn.; Macoun, Cat., III., 530.

North of the Saskatchewan. ( Dr. Richardson.) In pools, Bonaparte

River, B.C., 1889. (J. M. Macoun.) In a pond on the Reservation at Kamloops; and abundant in Griffin Lake, Gold Range, B.C., 1889. (Macoun.) Mr. A. Bennett believes that our North American C. autum-nalis will have to be separated from the European form as a variety.

(3111.) C. heterophylla, Pursh; Gray, Man., ed. VI., 1827 (1890.)

In flowing water, Moose Jaw Creek, Assiniboia, July 18th, 1880. (Macoun.) Mr. A. Bennett states that this is C. Asagraya, Hegel. Mon. pl. 3, fig. 9 & pl. 4, fig. 1.

(3112.) C. hamulata, Kütz.

In the Spullamachcen River at Enderby, B.C., 1889. (J. M. Macoun.) On Mount Mark, Vancouver Island, 1887. The Vancouver Island specimens are without fruit and doubtfully referred to this species by Mr. A. Bennett. (Macoun.)