(2209.) V. spiralis, Linn. Hook. Fl., II., 192.

V. Americana, Michx. Fl. II., 220. Pursh, Fl. II., 602.

Not uncommon in slow-flowing rivers and shallow borders of lakes. Its range is rather wider than the last, but it is not so plentiful. In shallow water, St. Stephen, N.B. (Fowler, Cat.) Near Prince's Lodge, Halifax. (Lawson.) In a small lake near North Sydney, Cape Breton Island. (Macoun,) St. Lawrence River, near Point St. Charles, Montreal, 1821. (Dr. Holmes.) Common at Ottawa. (Fletcher, Fl. Ott.) St. Lawrence, and everywhere common in streams inland and northward from Prescott and Brockville. (Billings.) Common in the Bay of Quinte, and in all the streams and lakes discharging into it; Scugog River, at Lindsay, Ont. (Macoun.) Vicinity of Hamilton, Ont. (Buchan.) Kingston, Ont. (Burgess.) North shore of Lake Superior. (Agassiz.) Gore Bay, Vermont Harbor, Manitoulin Islands. (J. Bell.)