59. Subularia

(196.) S. aquatica, Linn.; Macoun, Cat. I., 55.

Quite common in Muskoka Lake, Ont. (Dr. Britton.) In abundance along the shallow margin of Sproat Lake, near Alberni on the west side of Vancouver Island. (Macoun.)

61. Thlaspi

(3078.) T. perpoliatum, Linn.; Hooker, Student's Flora, 41. (1884.)

Growing on a cold, wet, springy bank, Dundas Ravine, near Hamilton, Ont. "Must be introduced, but I cannot yet make out how it got where I found it." (Burgess.)

70. Polanisia, Raf

(3079.) P. trachysperma, Torr. & Gray, Man., ed. VI., 75. (1890.)

P. graveolens, Raf.; Macoun, Cat., I., 59, & III., 491.

All the stations recorded under P. graveolens from the North-:west Territories, in Parts I. & III., pages 59 &491, belong to this species. The two forms can be easily separated by their stamens. In this species they are long exserted, while in P. graveolens they scarcely exceed the petals.

CXVII. Resedaceae. Mignonette Family. 716. Reseda, Tourn - (Dyer's Rocket.)

(3080.) R. alba, Linn.; Hooker, Student's Flora, 45. (1884.)

Growing in abundance at the wharf and by the roadside at Sicamous, C. P. Ry., B.C., 1889. (Macoun.)

74. Solea, Spreng., In Part

(225.) S. concolor, Ging.; Gray, Man., ed. VI., 31. (1890.)

References under Ionidium concolor, Benth. & Hook, Part I., 61, belong here.

769. Tunica, Scop

(3082.) T.Saxipraga, Scop.

"Has been introduced in gardens at London, Ont., and become quite a troublesome weed. Specimens were sent to me by Mr. Dearness, of London, Ont., which I referred to Dr.Watson." (Burgess.)

770. Gypsophila, Linn

(3083.) G. paniculata, Linn. Introduced at Emerson, Manitoba. July 4th, 1887. (Prof. Fowler.)

77. Silene

(255.) S. Cucubalus, Wibel; Gray, Man., ed. VI., 84. (1890.) References under S. inflata, Smith, Part I., 67, belong here.

(256.) S. Douglasii, Hook. Fl. I., 88; Macoun, Cat., I., 67.

This species was gathered in small quantity on the summit of Mount Benson, near Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, altitude 3000 feet, June 8th, 1887. (Macoun.)

(2109.) S. multicaulis, Nutt?

Specimens identical with Howell's Oregon specimens distributed under the above name were collected on the western side of Nicola Lake, June 7th, 1889. (Macoun.) I am still of opinion that my Rocky Mountain Lychnis elata is either that species or a new one. It is certainly not a Silene.