(2239.) H. tridentata, Hook., Ex. PL 81.

Platanthera tipuloides, Lindl., Orchid, 285. Gymnadenia (?) tridentata, Lindl. Hook., Fl. II., 195. Orchis tridentata, Pursh, Fl. II., 586. 0. clavellata, Michx., Fl. II., 155; Pursh, Fl. II., 586.

Peat bogs and borders of lakes. Newfoundland. (Miss Brenton.) New Harbor, Newfoundland. (Rev. A. Waghorne.) Brigus, Newfoundland. (R. Bell.) Windsor, Halifax, Pictou, Truro, and Straits of Canso, N.S. (Sommers, Cat.) Caledonia, Guysboro Co., N.S. (Faribault.) Wet slopes, Baddeck, Cape Breton. (Macoun.) Common in Kent Co.; also St. John Co., N.B. (Fowler, Cat.) Black Lake, on King's Mountain, Chelsea, P.Q.; rare. (Fletcher, Fl. Ott.) Border of Hooper's Lake, North Hastings; tamarac swamp near Norah's Lake, Victoria Co., Ont. (Macoun.) Border of the marsh at Mill-grove, near Hamilton, Ont. (Logic) Mossy bogs, London and Parry Sound, Ont. (Burgess.) Opposite Grand Island, Lake Superior. (R. Bell.) Lake Huron. (Hooker, Fl.)

(2240.) H. virescens, Spreng. Gray, Man. Ed. V., 499.

Platanthera flava, Gray. Sill. Journ. XXXVII., 308. P. herbiola, Lindl. Hook., Fl. II, 197. Orchis fuscescens, Pursh, Fl. II., 587.

Wet places along Crow River at Marmora, Hastings Co.; on Ship Island, Gull Lake, Victoria Co., Ont.; also eleven miles up the Kamin-istiqua River, Thunder Bay. (Macoun.) Prince's Island, near Hamilton, Ont. (Logie.) In low ground, London; rare; also on Moon River, Muskoka, Ont. (Burgess.) Between Norway House and Canada. (Hooker, Fl.)

(2241.) H. bracteata, E. Br., Hort. Kew. (Ed. 2) V., 192.

H. viridis, R. Br., Var. bracteata, Reichenbach, Macoun, Cat. No. 1775. Peristylis bracteatus, Lindl. Hook., Fl. II., 201. Orchis bracteata, Pursh, Fl. II., 587.

In grassy woods and meadows. Taborville, Petitcodiac, Havelock, and Tobique Forks, N. B. (Fowler, Cat.) Common in woods at Rivière du Loup, Q. (Thomas.) Island of Orleans. (St. Cyr.) Swamps and by rivers, near Montreal, 1821. (Dr. Holmes.) Observed in several places along the Rivière Rouge, Argenteuil Co., Q. (D' Urban.) Not uncommon near Ottawa. (Fletcher, Fl. Ott.) Moist thicket west

of Prescott Junction, Ont. (Billings.) Occasional all over the counties of Prince Edward, Hastings, and Northumberland, Ont., but never abundant. (Macoun.) Mountain near Hamilton, Ont. (Logie.) Low woods, London, Ont.; also at Emerson, Man. (Burgess. Millman.) Rather common in many places on the Great Plains, extending to Canmore, in the Rocky Mountains and appearing again at Donald, Columbia Valley; along the Telegraph Trail, lat. 55°, B.C.; also

occasionally met with near Victoria and Goldstream, Vancouver Island. (Macoun.) Calgary, Alberta. (Prof. Fowler.) Sitka and Ounalaska.

(Roth. Alask.) Lake Winnipeg. (Back.) From Lake Huron to the Saskatchewan, and to swamps in the Rocky Mountains. (Hooker, Fl.)

(2242.) H. Chorisianus, Lindl.

Platanthera Chorisianus, Lindl. Hook., Fl. II., 201. Ounalashka. (Hooker, Fl.)

(2243.) H. hyperborea, R.Br. Rich., App. II., 33.

Platanthera hyperborea, Lindl. Hook., Fl. II., 197. P. Huronensis, Lindl. Hook., Fl. II., 198. P. Königii, Lindl. Hook., Fl. II., 197. Orchis hyperborea, Pursh, Fl. II., 588.

Abundant in bogs, and extending from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Newfoundland. (Miss Benton.) New Harbor, Newfoundland. (Rev. A. Waghorne.) Labrador. (Butler.) Harris Cove, Andover, and Upper St. John, N.B. (Fowler, Cat.) Campbellton, N. B. (Chalmers.) Peat bog, Salt Lake, Anticosti. (Macoun.) Common in woods at Rivière du Loup, Q. (Thomas.) Island of Orleans, Q. (St. Cyr.) Vicinity of. Ottawa. (Fletcher, Fl. Ott.) Moist thickets, east of Prescott, Ont. (Billings,) Peat bogs and swamps, general throughout central Ontario. (Macoun.) Sulphur spring, Ancaster, near Hamilton, Ont. (Logie.) Wet shady woods, London, and Southampton, Ont. (Burgess.) St. Joseph's Island, Drummond Island, and Thompson's

Point, Georgian Bay. (J. Bell.) Abundant around Lake Superior and along the Dawson route to the Red River. (Macoun.) Lake Mistassini, N.E.T.; Severn River, Keewatin; Charlton Island and "The Twins," James Bay. (J. M. Macoun.) Moose Factory, James Bay. (Cottar & Hayden.) Between Lake Winnipeg and York Factory. (R. Bell.) Cypress Hills and Calgary, Alberta. (J. M. Macoun.) Fort Ellice, Long Lake, and Hand Hills, N.W.T. (Macoun.) Belly River, 49th parallel, Rocky Mountains. (Burgess. Millman.) Crow Nest Pass, Rocky Mountains. (Dawson.) Abundant in swamps and mountain meadows from Morley westward through the Rocky Mountains to the Selkirk summit. (Macoun.) Quesnel Lake, B.C., alt. 2,200 feet, (Bowman.) Bartlett Bay, Alaska. (Meehan.) From the Saskatchewan to Fort Franklin; also Ounalashka. (Hooker, Fl.) Greenland. (Lange.)

(2244.) H. gracilis, Watson. Proced. Am. Acad., XII., 276.

Platanthera gracilis, Lindl. Hook., II., 198. P. stricta, Lindl. Hook., Fl. II., 199.

North West America. (Menzies.) Abundant in damp woods and along wooded slopes of Mount Arrowsmith and Mount Mark, at Qualicum and Alberni, and occasionally in swamps in the interior of Vancouver Island (Macoun.) Mount Finlayson, Vancouver Island. (Fletcher.) North West coast of America. (Douglas.)

(2245.) H. sparsiflora, Watson. Proced. Am. Acad., XII., 276.

Platanthera graminea, Lindl. Hook., Fl. II., 199.

Both this and the above species look like H. hyperborea, but they are easily distinguished by the spur, which in the former is saccate, and in the latter is quite long and slender. (Macoun.) North West coast. (Menzies.)

(2246.) H. dilatata, Gray. Ann. Lyc. N. York, III., 231.

Platanthera dilatata, Lindl. Hook., Fl. II., 198. Orchis dilatata, Pursh, Fl. II., 588.

Rather common in bogs from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Brigus, Newfoundland. (R. Bell.) New Harbor, Newfoundland. (Rev. A. Waghorne.) Very abundant in a wet meadow at Louisburg, Cape Breton. (Macoun & Burgess.) Common in swamps and bogs at Kouchibouguac, Lily Lake, Campbelton, Tobique and Eel rivers, Chipman, and between Pabineau and Grand Falls, on the Nepisiquit, N.B. (Fowler, Cat.) Rivière de Brig and Ellis Bay, Anticosti; also Mount Albert, Gaspè", Q. (Macoun.) Mingan Islands. Q. (St. Cyr.)