61. Tayloria, Hook

383. T. tenuis, (Dicks.) Schimp

On cow's dung in woods near Baddeck, Cape Breton Island, N.S., July 8th, 1898.

384. T. splachnoides, Hook.

On earth on mountains, Chilliwack River, B.C., 1901. (J. M. Maccun.)

63. Splachnum, Linn

390. S. Wormskioldii, Hornem.

Haplodon Wormskioldii, (Hornem.) Kindb., Bryol. N. Am. & Eur., p. 173.

St. George Island, Behring Sea, July 15th, 1892. (J. M. Macoun.) Seal Island, Labrador, 1900. (E. B. Delabarre.)

393. S. ampullaceum, Linn.

On earth and cow's dung in woods at Baddeck, Cape Breton Island, N.S., July 8th. 1898; on dung in a peat swamp, Catfish Lake, Algonquin Park, Ont., July, 1900. (Macoun.)

65. Physcomitrium, Brid

402. p. turbinatum, C. Muell.

Very abundant on earth below Queenston Heights and within the spray of Niagara Falls, Ont., above the Power House, and on earth in the flower border close to the falls, May 16th, 1901. (Macoun.)

]038. P. acuminatum, (Schleich.) Br. & Sch.

On earth in woods at Wyoming, Lambton Co., Ont., June 14th, 1901. In very fine fruit. (Macoun.)

Following the advice of Mrs. E. G. Britton, I gave more than usual attention to Physcomitrium last season and was enabled to add an additional species to our flora and widen the range of P. turbinatum very much.

66. Funaria, Schreb

403. F. calcarea, Wahl.

On bare earth of the river bluff below Dawson, Yukon, 1899. (Williams.)

404. p. hygrometrica, Sibth.

On earth at Baddeck, Cape Breton Island, N.S., July, 1898; in railway cuttings, Algonquin Park, Ont, 1900; abundant around Niagara Falls, 1901. (Macoun.) Lake Marsh and near Dawson, Yukon. (Williams.) On earth, Chilliwack Valley, B.C., 1901. (J. M. Macoun.)

Var. arctica, Berggren.

Along the Lower Klondike River, Yukon. The specimens are mostly from 12 to 20 mm. high. (Williams.)

68. Conostomum, Swartz

414. C. boreale, Swartz.

On rocks, Seal Lake, northern Labrador, Aug., 1896. (A. P. Low.) Growing in dense cushions on wet rock, near Long Lake, between Chilcoot Pass and Lake Lindeman, Yukon. (Williams.)