(2310.) C - Fraseri, Torr. Pacif. R. Rep., IV., 147.

Scilla Fraseri, Gray, Man., Ed. V., 533. Apparently rare in Ontario. White Island, in the Detroit River, opposite Amherstburgh, 1882. (Macoun.)

(2311.) C. esculenta, Lindl. Hook., Fl. II., 186. Phalangium Quamash, Pursh, Fl. I., 226.

Very abundant in all rich soils, and even in cultivated fields and meadows, throughout the southern part of Vancouver Island. It becomes less common as the oak disappears, but at Qualicum and Alberni it is still in profusion in open spots. (Macoun. Fletcher. Dawson.) North West America. (Hooker, Fl.) By following the plough in the autumn, when the stubble is being turned over, many fine bulbs can be collected. It is not so much eaten now as formerly, as the Indians have better food since the advent of the whites.

(2312.) C - Leichtlinii, Watson. Proced. Am. Acad.Vol. XII., 376, C. esculenta, var. Leichtlinii, Baker. Bot. Mag., t. 6287. C. esculenta, var . floribus albus, Hook., Fl. II., 186 Chlorogalum Leichtlinii, Baker, Gard. Chron., 689,

(1874.) Occasionally met with, growing in company with the preceding species. On King's Farm, at Cedar Hill, near Victoria, Vancouver Island. (Macoun.) Vicinity of Victoria, 1884. (Fletcher. Hill.) The specimens referred here are exactly like those of Suksdorf, upon which the species was founded by Watson. We have both white and blue flowered specimens.