(2333.) U. perfoliata, Linn. Hook., Fl. II., 174; Pursh, Fl. I., 231. U. perfoliata, var. minor, Michx., Fl. I., 199.

Rich woods, but of doubtful occurrence in Canada. The references given below are quoted from authorities, but specimens have not been examined. Woods near Prescott, Ont. (Billings.) Vicinity of Hamilton, Ont. (Logie.)

(2334.) U. grandiflora, Smith. Pursh, Fl.l.,231; Hook., Fl. XL, 174.

U. perfoliata, var. major, Michx., Fl. I, 199. Rich woods, common in many parts of Quebec and Ontario. Batis-can, Q. (St. Cyr.) Gomin's Woods, Quebec. (Thomas.) Abundant by roadsides in newly cleared parts of Grenville, Argenteuil Co., Q. (D' Urban.) Papineau Road, near Montreal, 1821. (Dr. Holmes.) Abundant in the neighborhood of Ottawa. (Fletcher, Fl. Ott.) Very abundant in central Ontario. (Macoun.) Low rich woods, London, Ont. (Burgess.) Woods at Owen Sound, Ont. (Macoun.) Lake Huron. (Hooker, Fl.) .

(2335.) U. sessilifolia, Linn. Hook. Fl. II., 175; Pursh, Fl. I., 233.

Oakesia sessilifolia, Watson. Proced. Am. Acad., XIV., 269. Rich woods, but chiefly in Quebec and New Brunswick. Near Truro, N.S. (Chambers.) Truro, and North Woods Annapolis, N.S. (Macoun & Burgess.) St. John, and King's Co's.; Lily Lake; Kouchi-bouguac and Grand Lake, N.B. (Fowler, Cat.) Ste. Anne de la Pèrade, Q. (St. Cyr.) Papineau Road, near Montreal, 1821. (Dr. Holmes.) Quite common in rich woods around Ottawa. (Fletcher, Fl. Ott.) Miriwin's Woods, near Prescott, Ont. (Billings.) New Brunswick. (Hooker, Fl.)