641. ArisaeMa

(2406.) A. Dracontium, Schott; Macoun, Cat. IV., 72.

On a flat in Delaware Township near London, Ont. 1889. (Mr. H. D. Johnson.) On an island in the Sydenham River, near Strathroy, Ont. (Dearness.)

642. Peltandra

(2407.) P. undulata, Raf.; Gray, Man., ed. VI., 72.

P. Virginica, Macoun, Cat. IV., 72.

Very local in its distribution. Should bo looked for in western Ontario.

A species of this genus resembling Spirodela polyrrhiza in color, but having the general appearance of L. minor, and with more than one root was common in ponds at Agassiz, B.C., May 20th, 1889. For the present this form must remain without a name or number.

795. Spirodela, Schleiden

(2414.) S. polyrrhiza, Schleid.; Gray, Man., ed. VI., 552.

Lemna polyrrhiza, Linn.; Macoun, Cat. IV., 75.

In still water at Sicamous, Agassiz, and Port Haney, B.C. 1889.


648. Wolffia

(2415.) W. Columbiana, Karsten; Macoun, Cat. IV., 76.

In a bay of Lake Ontario, west of Niagara Town, in company with W. Brasiliensis, Weddell. 1889. (Dearness.)

650. Sacittaria

(2418.) S. variabilis, Engelm.; Macoun, Cat. IV., 77.

Abundant in the South Thompson River at Kamloops, BC. 1888. (Dawson.) In marshy spots subject to tide action along the lower

Fraser opposite Lulu Island; also on the Indian Reservation at Kam-loops and eastward up the South Thompson, and the whole length of Shuswap Lake, and up the Spallumsheen River to, and beyond Enderby, B.C. 1889. (Macoun.)

657. Ruppia

(3291.) R. lacustris.

Stems rigid, firm and woody, forking and producing numerous leaves in bud-like clusters at the nodes and ends of the branches. Leaves sheathing, rigid and straight; stipules white, membraneous from one to two inches long. Fruiting peduncles bright red rising from the centre of the leaf clusters, coiling spirally after flowering. Fruit immature.

A very distinct species, having more the appearance of Potamogeton pectinatus than Ruppia maritima. Abundant in a saline pond north of the Ferry at Kamloops, B.C., June 13th, 1889. The pond is one of a series in the bare hills above the trail leading to Tranquille. (Macoun.)