644. Lysichitum, Schott. (Western Skunk Cabbage)

(2409.) L. Kamtschatcense, Schott., Prodr. Aroid., 421.

Arctiudracon Camtschaticum, Gray, Smithson. Contrib. (N Series) IX. 409. Syrnplocarpus Kamtschaticus, Bong.; Hook., Fl. II., 169.

Very abundant in Beaver Creek valley, from the Columbia to Bear Creek in the Selkirk Mountains; also abundant at Revelstoke, on the Columbia, and in the low rich woods below Yale, in the Fraser Valley; very common in wet places in many parts of Vancouver Island. (Macoun.) Vicinity of Victoria, Vancouver Island. (Fletcher.) North West America. Sitka, (Hooker, Fl.) Fort Wrangel, Alaska. (Meehan.)

648. Wolffia, Horkel. (Wolffia)

(2415.) W. Columbiana, Karsten.; Gray, Man. Ed. Y., 420.

Abundant in marshes of the Bay of Quinte, near Belleville, Ont. (Macoun.) In the marsh at the head of Burlington Bay, Hamilton, Ont. (Buchan.)

(2416.) W. Brasiliensis, Weddell,; Gray, Man. Ed. V., 480.

Growing with the preceding and Lemna minor, in the "Big Marsh" one mile beyond "the Ferry," Prince Edward Co.; near Belleville, on the Bay of Quinte, Ont. (Macoun.) In the marsh at the head of Burlington Bay, Hamilton, Ont. (Buchan.)

Specimens of this genus are distinguished from any form of Lemna by the absence of roots. Hitherto they have been rarely detected, but it is less from their absence than from their small size.

651. Echinodorus, Richard

(2422.) E. parvulus, Engelm.; Gray, Man. Ed. V., 492. E. subulatus, Engelm. (?) Agassiz, Lake Superior, 176.

North shore of Lake Superior. (Agassiz.) We know nothing of this species and enter it on the authority of Agassiz.

652. Damasonium, Juss. Gen. 46

(2423.) D. Californicum, Torrey, Pacif. E. Rep. IV., 142.

This species, or the one taken for it was growing in abundance in Somas River, at the head of the Alberni Canal, on the west coast of Vancouver Island. The large white flowers were especially attractive and caused me to stop in midstream and pull in shore to gather the plant. Owing to the great heat of the day these became so shrivelled in a short time as to be worthless for specimens, and were thrown away. Only one immature specimen was brought away, August 13th, 1887. (Macoun.)