River, Keewatin. (J. M. Macoun.) Saskatchewan, and northward to Bear Lake. (Bailey.) Canada to Mackenzie River. (Hooker, Fl.) Hethy Portage. (Richardson.)

(2605.) C. acuta, Linn., Sp. PL, 1388, (1757.)

C. aperta, var. divaricata, Bailey, Bot. Gaz. IX., 119, in part, (1884.) We have few specimens which we can refer here, but place them mostly under the variety which follows. Sitka. (Rothr. Alask.) Lewes River, lat. 62°, KW.T. (Dawson.)

Var. prolixa, Hornem. Plantel. Ed. IV.

C.prolixa, Fries. Mant. III., 150, (1835.) C. aperta, Boott, Hook., Fl. II., 218, (1840.)

Very abundant in low grounds, producing very good hay in numerous places, especially at Cedar Hill, and Nanaimo. Specimens were collected at Cedar Hill, G-oldstream, Shawnigan Lake, Qualicum, Mount Arrowsmith, and Sproat Lake, on the west coast of Vancouver Island. (Macoun.) In meadows at Victoria, Vancouver Island. (Fletcher.)

(2606.) C. glauca, Scopoli, Fl. Germ. 455.

Introduced on dry clay banks of the railway cutting just outside of Windsor, N.S. (Macoun & Burgess.) On the border of a meadow, in poor soil, London, Ont. (Burgess.)

(2607.) C. torta, Boott; Tuckerman, Enum. Meth. (1843.)

C. torta, var. composita, Porter. Borders of streams and in wet meadows in the maritime provinces. Halifax, N.S. (Sommers, Oat.) Along a small stream at Truro, N.S. (Macoun & Burgess.) Salmon Creek, and Gaspereaux River; Petitco-diac, N.B. (Fowler, Cat.)

(2608.) C. salina, Wahl., Fl. Lapp. 246, (1812.)

C. cuspidata, Wahl. Köngl. Acad. Handl. XXIV., 164, (1802.) C. stricta, Hook. & Arn. Bot. Beechey's Voy., 131, (1834.) C. recta, Boott, Hook., Fl. II., 220, (1840.) C. haematolepis, Drej. Revis. Crit. Car. 44, (1841.)

Very abundant in salt marshes in almost every part of Nova Scotia and around the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Newfoundland. (Reeks.) Coast of Labrador and about Hudson Bay. (Bailey.) Louisburg, and North Sydney, Cape Breton; Truro, Annapolis, Yarmouth and Halifax, N.S. (Macoun.) Salt marsh at Molus Bay, Kent Co., N.B. (Fowler, Cat.) Salt Lake and English Bay, Anticosti; Cape Rosier, Fox River,

Grand Etang and Madeline River, Gaspé coast, Q. (Macoun.) Mouth of Saguenay River, Q. (Pringle.) Ouatchechou, Q. (St. Cyr.) Hudson Bay, Labrador, and Kotzebue Sound. (Hooker, Fl.)

Var. mutica, Wahl. Fl. Lapp. 246, (1812.)

C. lanceata, Dew. Sill. Journ. XXIX., 249, (1836.)

C. reducta, Drej. Revis. Crit. Car. 46, (1841.)

C. salina, var. minor, Boott, Ill. 160, in part.

C. salina, var. ß., Boott, Hook., Fl. II., 219, (1840.) Cumberland House, on the Saskatchewan, and Hudson Bay. (Hooker, Fl.) Coast of Greenland. (Lange.)

Var.? robusta, Bailey, Coult. Bot. Gaz. XIII., 87.

Taller and coarser than the species (two to three feet high), the culm spongy at the base; leaves soft; bracts very leafy, surpassing tho culm; spikes heavy, short and thick (usually an inch or less long, and nearly half an inch thick), mostly dense and truncate at the base, somewhat aggregated, the lower short stalked; scales ranging from lanceolate and acute to ovate and obtuse, brown with a white mid-nerve, longer than the thinner nerveless perigynium. All the peri-gynia are empty. (Bailey.) The specimens were growing in large patches between tides in the bed of Qualicum River, Vancouver Island They were generally covered with water to the height of a foot or more at high tide. I cannot believe that this is a form of C. salina, as it is quite distinct from that species in general appearance, but leave it with Prof. Bailey to settle it. Collected July 29, 1887. (Macoun.)

Since the above was in type, I have received further information regarding this form from Mr. Arthur Bennett, F.L.S., Croyden, England. The specimens sent to him were forwarded to Kew, and were examined by Mr. C. B. Clarke, who could not match them in Kew herbarium, but suggested G. pulla, Good., as a possibility. Later examinations seem to convince Mr. Clarke that this is C. physocarpa, Presl, Reliq. Haenk. I., 205. Mr. Bennett thinks, on the other hand, that if Kunth represents correctly Presl's plant, he cannot agree with him, and says, "if this is not C. physocarpa, then it is a new species so far as we have material at Kew to go upon, for which I propose the name C. Macounii (non Dewey Sill. Journ.) characterized by its extremely (almost wanting) short beak to the perigynia with a smaller base, semi-inflated nerved fruits much shorter than the glumes."

(2609.) C. ambusta, Boott, Ill. 64.

C. salina, var. ambusta, Bailey, Carex, Cat. (1884.) Ungava Bay, North Labrador; northern British Columbia; Sitka, and Ounalashka. (Bailey, Carex, Syn., 88.) Francis River, lat. 61°; Pelly River, lat. 62°; Lewes River, lat. 62°, N.W.T. (Dawson.)

(2610.) C. Subspathacea, Wormskjold, Fl. Dan. IX., 4, (1818.)

C. Hoppneri, Boott, Hook., Fl. II., 219, (1840.)

C. salina, var. subspathacea, Tuckerman, Enum. Meth. 12, (1843.)

C. salina, var. minor, Boott, Ill. 160, in part.

Cumberland House and Hudson Bay. (Hooker, Fl.) Salt marsh,, near Cape Rosier, Gaspé, 1861. (J. Bell.) Greenland. (Lange.)

(2611.) C. cryptocarpa, C. A. Meyer, Mem. Acad. St. Petersb. I., 226, (1831.)

C. Scouleri, Torr. Cyp. 399, (1836.)

C. filipendvla, Drej. Revis. Crit. Car. 46, (1841.)

C. salina, Boott, Hook., Fl. II., 219, in part, (1840.)

Salt marshes at Cape Rosier, and Fox River, Gaspé coast. Collected in 1882. (Macoun.) Queen Charlotte Islands; and at Lake Karmutzen, Vancouver Island. (Dawson.) Near Victoria, Vancouver Island. (Fletcher.) Abundant at Oak Bay, near Victoria, at the mouth of Nanaimo River, in marshes at Qualicum, and on the west coast of Vancouver Island, at Alberni; also by a lake near Fort St. James, northern British Columbia. (Macoun.) Clemincitty Harbor, and Sitka. (Hooker, Fl.) Ounalashka, Sitka, and Kotzebue Sound. (Rothr. Alask.) Along Burrard Inlet, at Vancouver city, B.C. (Prof. Fowler.) Alaska. (Meehan.) Greenland. (Lange.)